The Cure that Time Forgot

BioPhotonic Therapy or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation


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I sat riveted as my friend Matt recounted his experience in Togo, West Africa. "It was amazing Tom!," he said, "We had a young boy with what we diagnosed as advanced rabies come into the hospital. The hospital that I was with had no medicines to treat him so I decided to give the UBI device that I had brought down with me a shot. Since rabies is always fatal unless there is intervention, we really had little to lose. On Tuesday we worked quickly to administer the first therapy. The next day we actually began to see signs of recovery. We administered another two treatments within the next few days, and you wouldn't believe it; he made a full recovery and was discharged from the hospital!"

As I sat pondering what Matt, a registered nurse, had just told me, I couldn't help but feel skeptical about his miracle story. "Deadly rabies cured in just THREE days by ultraviolet light?," I thought, "That's just too good to be true. Matt was probably just overly excited."

As Matt pressed me about the potential of opening a clinic where we would exclusively offer this UBI therapy I decided to humor him. "What do they call it again?," I thought as I sat down in front of the computer screen. I racked my brain for a moment as the cursor blinked within Google's search engine box just begging me to enter the words that would change my life. "Oh yeah, Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation," I remembered. I typed the words in and up popped a number of results. As I began to read, some of my initial skepticism slowly started to dissipate.

"'s got 70 years of history. Okay, so it's been around awhile. Here it says that there are virtually no side effects and that it has an efficacy rate of 60-80%." I was starting to see a trend. "A positive effect on over 60 diseases" read another title.

I came across one success story, then another and another like some of the ones that follow.


"Two siblings, 8 and 10, had suffered with Lyme disease to the degree that they could no longer function in school. After three weeks of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation treatments, they were restored to complete health and were able to return to school."

~ Utah MD

Viral Heart

"I couldn't walk for more than a block because of a viral heart disease that doctors had finally given up on. After just two treatments I walked two miles in the cold with ease which is something I would NEVER have tried before."

~ Carl


"I lived for five years with a horrible rash on my face. After one UBI treatment it completely disappeared. It was a miracle!"

~ Jessica

As Good as Dead

“She was a mess and was told that she would die in a few days. Two UBI treatments later she did a 180 degree turn around. It was without precedent... this thing is really a modern wonder.”

~ Nevada MD


"I was covered with shingles from head to buttocks and was horribly uncomfortable. The hospital gave me no relief." After one UBI treatment and the patient called our office and said, “What magic is inside of that thing? My shingles are gone!”

~ Florida Patient

Alright I thought, so it seems like this therapy has done some good for people, and now my interest was piqued, but my whole life I had been conditioned to trust the traditional medical community. I just couldn't accept that there might be something so simple and yet so effective that was largely unknown. I settled in for the long haul and got right down to business.

The Journey

This started my journey of searching for answers. Being a researcher at heart, but also questioning this “unapproved” therapy, I set aside a couple weeks for intense internet searching.

Who should I believe?

This question strikes at the heart of any true researcher. Over the years I have discovered that many entities have vested interests in their studies. Unfortunately, because of ulterior motives, not all studies can be trusted. In today's drug-infested culture, most often the concern is not to get to the root of the illness and take care of the core issues, but rather to relieve the symptoms and make some money in the process. Don't get me wrong, studies are good, but studies can also be misleading. One can manipulate the results in their favor and make it appear positive when in the grand scheme of things, the medicine that they are promoting is not contributing to the overall health of the individual. So asking things such as, "What types of controls were in place during the research" or "Who funded the study" are helpful questions to ask.

My concern from the beginning was to come at this from a skeptic's point of view. At the heart of my efforts was a question that I needed to have answered; “Is all that I am hearing regarding UBI actually substantive and if so, what am I going to do about it?"

In fact, at this point, you don't have to take my word for it. Why don't you do a little research of your own? Just type in Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, BioPhotonic therapy, photoluminescence, Photopheresis or even light therapy.

Harvard Medical put out a review paper on UBI... all positive. See Ultraviolet blood irradiation: Is it time to remember “the cure that time forgot”? by Ximing Wu, Xiaoqing Hu, and Michael R. Hamblin.

In light of the antibiotic resistant super bugs like MRSA, it is almost criminal that this safe therapy should not be considered as a common treatment.

Dr. Michael Hamblin is a leading researcher in light and medicine. It is said that he is the world’s top expert on light therapy. Over the past 25 years he has published over 350 peer-reviewed research papers and written 5 textbooks on Light and Medicine

In the above review. Dr Hamblin and others makes the case for bringing back UBI.

“This review discusses the potential of UBI as an alternative approach to current methods used to treat infections, as an immune-modulating therapy and as a method for normalizing blood parameters….”

He finishes the 8-page review with over 90 medical references and the statement,

“We would like to propose that UBI be reconsidered and reinvestigated as a treatment for systemic infections … in patients who are running out (or who have already run out) of options. Patients at risk of death from sepsis could also be considered as candidates for UBI….”

When I started over 10 years ago, this information was not available so I scoured the internet for over two weeks gathering information and learning about this treatment. This involved, among other things, bookmarking, reading, printing out long articles, looking for flaws and especially looking for negative research. I found that as hard as I tried, I could not locate anything negative about UBI.

Even the American Cancer Society got in on the action. In an article on Light Therapy which is no longer online, they wrote:

“Ultraviolet blood irradiation treatment is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for treating T-cell lymphoma involving the skin. Clinical trials look promising for the treatment of immune system diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, rejection of transplanted organs and graft versus host disease."

The statement is in reference to a special type of UBI treatment called THERAKOS® Photopheresis. Although somewhat more complicated than the type of UBI treatment you'll find at your typical alternative doctor's office, this still shows the wonderful effects of ultraviolet light in medical applications.

My studies took me from one site to the next and in the days that followed, the walls that I had built up to this type of "crazy talk" would slowly being to crumble.

The memories came flooding back of the day when forty-two years ago, my first boy was born into this world. Initially, he was jaundiced... maybe you too have had a baby who was jaundiced. So, what does the hospital do? They put them under a bilirubin light (blue light) to help the liver break down the bilirubin so that the baby will not suffer brain damage. The same therapy that they used forty-two years ago to get my son healthier is still used today in almost every hospital around the world.

For years light has been used in medical therapy. In the past, exposure to sunshine was a part of the regiment of therapies for a number of disorders.

Many are affected with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is a recurrent major depressive disorder that usually manifests at a specific time of the year and fully disappears otherwise. You can walk into almost any Walmart or similar store and find these special lights for home treatment.

You might like to know that my journey is still ongoing today. After my studies, I ended up co-founding a UBI clinic where we treated many different diseases with astounding results. I was convinced. From sitting in the sunlight, to treating scar tissue with a laser, to re-growing hair with red light, the healing power of light is irrefutable!

This article is the first in a four-part series of articles on UBI by Tom Lowe.

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