Chronic and Degenerative Diseases


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Chronic and degenerative disease is a major health issue. With the goal of sharing anti-aging information, FAIM attends conferences and investigates protocols.

Do You Really Need That Surgery?

With many diagnoses, pressure to do something comes from a belief that action is preferable to inaction. But the reality is that the human body can heal and that all of our actions have unintended consequences. Thus, inaction can often be the preferred course.

How to Use Ozone to Treat Almost Any Illness in Your Own Home

Learn about ozone and how you can do treatments yourself. This article covers instructions on various applications and therapies for those who wish to treat at home.

Introduction to Oxidative Therapy

Oxidative Therapy involves treating the body with extra oxygen. Many believe that the use of oxidative therapy is the wave of the future in the treatment of resistant bacteria which have resulted from the overuse of antibiotics in people and animals.

Gaston Naessens and 714X

Through the optical performance of his unique light microscope (the somatoscope), Gaston Naessens discovered the smallest unit of life: the somatid. Naessens’ knowledge and understanding of the somatidian cycle as a witness of the evolution of the disease, allowed him to create a restorative product for the immune system. 714X is a nontoxic health product capable of restoring the normality of the somatidian cycle, consequently restoring the inner balance.

Kaqun: The Life Element

Water. It is essential for our survival, but it can also contain healing properties that go far beyond simple sustenance. One of these waters is called Kaqun (pronounced “Cocoon”).

A New Fighting Chance: Silver Solution

Dr. Gordon Pedersen has put together a chronicle on the cutting edge ability of structured silver solution's ability to safely destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast. Learn the application of silver for many chronic and acute illnesses.

The Power of Probiotics and Fecal Transplant

Thousands of patients have reported treatment success with fecal transplant not only for ulcerative colitis and C. difficile infections but also Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and other difficult conditions. Australian researchers, for example, reported that 70 percent of patients with chronic fatigue had a positive response. Now, thanks to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria, antibiotics are losing their luster, and – despite the “ick factor” – fecal transplant is coming into its own.

Parkinson's Disease: What Works, What Doesn't

With the help of stem cells, hyperbaric oxygen, glutathione and life style changes, patients with Parkinson's can often slow disease progression, improve function, and enhance overall health.

Food Allergy

Food allergy or intolerance can produce any symptom under the sun: from migraines, fatigue, PMS, painful joints, itchy skin to depression, hyperactivity, hallucinations, obsessions and other psychiatric and neurological manifestations. However, the most immediate and common symptoms in the vast majority of patients are digestive problems: pain, diarrhea or constipation, urgency, bloating, or indigestion.

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods

Why are thousands of physicians advising patients to avoid eating GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and how did these high-risk foods get onto the market in the first place? The answers are disturbing, even shocking, but may help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Innovations in Nitric Oxide Diagnostics and Therapeutics

It is well-documented that the most prevalent cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive disorders impacting healthcare are largely the result of the loss of available nitric oxide (NO) in the body. NO deficiency is the basis for endothelial dysfunction which underlies the development of these disorders that plague the population. Consequently, NO is considered the molecule that now offers the means for profoundly altering the disturbing trends in public health.

This Is the Only Solution for Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

With the overuse of antibiotics, resistant forms of bacteria have developed. See how Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) can be an answer.

ABCs of GMOs

The ABCs of GMOs is a great start towards understanding genetic modification. For decades, agribusiness has heralded advances that later were found to be poisoning the masses. It may have started with Rachel Carson's exposure of the dangers of DDT in Silent Spring. From there, we have an unending list of chemical additives that the population has been subjected to, without any meaningful testing. Yet, the arrogance of mankind continues as we tinker with the genetic code. Together, it amounts to the American public being unknowing participants in the largest uncontrolled science experiment ever conducted.

Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods for Energy and Immunity

Most medications for pain and inflammation can be avoided by simply eating superfoods, herbs, exercising and developing a positive mindset on a daily basis.

Ionic Footbaths - The Healing Power of Ions

The ionic footbath is a total body detoxification technology based upon the beneficial and purifying effect of ions on the body.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting allows your body 16 hours to optimize your metabolic machinery and your insulin and leptin signaling, thus, empowering your body's immune system. Dr. Joseph Mercola believes it has a profound impact on most cancers and heart disease and can be a useful approach to whatever strategy one is currently using to treat or prevent these diseases.

4G/LTE Mobile Internet and WiFi: The largest pandemic ever?!

Many people are still unperturbed by the possible consequences of exposure to mobile phones, wireless networks and other radiation producing apparatuses. With the exception, of course, of those people who have acute complaints and are quite aware of their effects. That is, however, a small group. Ultimately no living being escapes the influence of unnatural radiation on the cell structures of the body.

Yamoa Powder: A Must Read for Asthma and Hayfever Sufferers

As FAIM continues to search the world for affordable, non-toxic, effective alternatives for various conditions, we have learned about an intriguing powder used as an asthma and hayfever remedy. This powder has an interesting history.

Walking therapy and pneumatic compression: the natural cures for poor leg circulation

Walking has been shown to have many unexpected health benefits, such as improving cognitive function of the brain, maintaining bone density, alleviate symptoms of depression and improving fitness. But what if you cannot walk due to various health issues? Dr. Paul van Bemmelen describes how simulation of walking, without the work of muscle-contraction or fall-risk, can be achieved with a non-invasive home treatment, which uses external squeezing of the leg muscles.

Using a Pneumatic Compression Device for Lower and Upper Extremity Peripheral Arterial Disease

Do you have leg or arm pain from poor circulation? Dr. Steven Kavros discusses research that shows the value of intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) in many areas of both upper and lower extremity vascular disease.

Autoimmune Thyroid

Statistics show that almost 80% of all hypothyroidism is actually the autoimmune disease of Hashimoto's. Often times Hashimoto's does not get diagnosed if the practitioner fails to run the proper antibody test. If the correct diagnosis is determined, then the treatment is actually for immune dysfunction more than thyroid dysfunction.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference 2011

The 19th Annual Anti-Aging Medicine Conference addressed critical areas of healthcare today including interventions for chronic fatigue, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, osteoporosis, new approaches to skin care, hormone balancing, detoxification protocols and many others.

Conquering Alzheimer's with Coconut Ketones

Can Alzheimer's be cured? The program outlined in this book by Dr. Bruce Fife is designed to provide the brain with all the nutrients necessary to quiet chronic inflammation, stop free-radical destruction, energize the brain cells, and stimulate repair and growth of new brain cells; thus allowing the brain to heal itself. With coconut ketones and a proper diet Alzheimer's can be conquered.

Lyme Disease Workshop

There are many problems confronting Lyme disease physicians seeking to help their patients. The threats to freedom in medicine posed by insurance companies, medical boards and peer review were covered in detail with examples.

What If There was a Cure for Alzheimer's Disease and No One Knew?

Dr. Mary Newport's husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at much too early an age. After much research, Dr. Newport reports on her experience with how MCTs and coconut oil have helped her husband in his return to health.

Adrenal Health Solutions: Fatigue and Insomnia

Dr. Koren Barrett describes the role of the adrenals, hormones, and adrenal fatigue/exhaustion and offers alternative and complementary treatments to return the adrenal to a healthy balance.

Paracelsus Clinic, Lustmuhle, Switzerland

The clinic proposes a medical paradigm based on non-toxic biological medicine that, not only identifies, but also eliminates the root causes of acute and chronic diseases including cancer.

Buteyko Breathing Therapy

Occassionally FAIM will highlight a particular protocol. With the large number of asthma cases, it seemed prudent to share the Buteyko Breathing Therapy with our readers in this article by Eugenia Malyshev.

Cures for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the top – if not the top – complaints that most doctors hear about from patients. The good news is that the complementary medical community has a plethora of safe and natural therapies that work to alleviate pain. Dr. Susan Lark shares these with our readers.

Viva Modern Mayr Medicine, Maria Worth, Austria

Modern Mayr Medicine therapy at the clinic is based on the F. X. Mayr, M.D. (1875-1965) therapy for a healthy person. Dr. Mayr's work was about the link between digestion, intestinal health and overall health. According to Dr. Mayr, "The intestines are to man what the roots are to the plant. Only when these roots are kept in an optimal condition of nourishment and cleanliness, can the plant (man) itself thrive and remain healthy."

Yes, We Can.. think outside the box

Thinking outside the box means using our basic knowledge of science to understand underlying causes of disease. This conference presented protocols that were probably never covered in professional school.

American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) Lyme Disease Seminar

Lyme syndrome is a disease that results from a tick bite. It is also known as the “great imposter” since it mimics over 350 different medical conditions including, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, CPC, Lupus, reactive arthritis, Reiter's syndrome, vasculitis, chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, MS, ALS, dementia, Alzheimer's, chronic headache, migraines, Crohn's, interstitial cystitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) Conference

The Age Management Medicine Conference is an opportunity for practitioners to learn about options available to help their patients age gracefully. Many of the presentations deal with hormone supplementation, functional medicine and endocrine balance.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference 2009

The 17th Annual Anti-Aging Medicine Conference emphasized Regenerative Biomedical Technologies. These conferences cover a broad scope of topics in the field of anti-aging. Review the impressive list of speakers!

American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference 2008

A4M hosts conferences throughout the world. Topics relate to anti-aging including vaccines, nutrition, hormone replacement and bioresonance, to mention a few.