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book cover with loaf of bread shaped like a brain and author's photo
Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD

Dr. David Perlmutter, renowned neurologist, goes into great detail to educate the reader on the impact of wheat, sugar and carbs on the brain. He includes a 30-day plan to achieve proper brain health. Many people believe it is only unhealthy carbs that are devastating for the brain, but the facts show it is also whole grains causing dementia, ADHD, chronic headaches, anxiety and depression to mention a few.

Dr. Perlmutter outlines what happens inside the brain when it encounters the carbs in common foods like bread and fruit. With the promotion of low fat diets, the public has opted for sugars in place of fat. However, the brain actually needs cholesterol and fat to support the growth of new brain cells.

Following specific dietary choices, changing lifestyles and developing wise new habits offers the reader a chance to take control of the smart genes without the use of drugs. Many experts believe our health is determined 80% by the environment including lifestyle choices and 20% by our genetic make up. With this in mind, we can impact our genetic destiny in a positive direction by paying attention to what we are eating.

If you would like to give your brain a gift, consider reading this well-researched book. Then commit yourself to following his 30 day plan. It could make all the difference for you, a loved one or a friend.

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