Gaston Naessens and 714X


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A diagram of the Somatidian cycle as observed under a microscope by Gaston Naessens.

Gaston Naessens, a French-born researcher based in Sherbrooke, Québec, who has been at work since the early 50s, is a true pioneer in the field of live blood observations.

Through the optical performance of his unique light microscope (the somatoscope), Gaston Naessens discovered the smallest unit of life: the somatid.

He was able to understand the life cycle of the somatids through their different evolutive forms. This led him to a further observation of an “inner biological protection gate” that reveals the state of the immune system.

This inner protective gate, also a witness of the natural defenses, can be altered by a combination of external and/or internal factor. If the “inner gate” is being over-challenged, it breaks down the homoeostasis of blood that can thereafter lead to various types of degenerative disorders (including cancer), initiating with inflammation, the common precursor of all degenerative diseases.

Naessens was able to monitor the state of the immune system from an innovative perspective: the visual observation of live blood through his specific assessment of the somatidian cycle.

Immunotherapy, the fourth arm of cancerology (after surgery, chemotherapy and radiology), was declared a major scientific breakthrough in 2014. Naessens’ vision of cancer linked to the immune system is thus proving to be a sound innovative way to address disease from an epigenetic perspective.

As early as 1961, Naessens proposed a therapeutic agent / therapy capable of addressing the immune system as it was in its evolution with cancer. This was then considered heretic. Today, it fits perfectly with the scientific revolution that encompasses wider factors rather than the strict genetic components of degenerative diseases.

Naessens’ knowledge and understanding of the somatidian cycle as a witness of the evolution of the disease, allowed him to create a restorative product for the immune system. 714X is a nontoxic health product capable of restoring the normality of the somatidian cycle, consequently restoring the inner balance.

714X has been granted four patents testifying of its uniqueness, confirmed by various juridictions. (Patents obtained: 2003 USA, 2005 EC, 2010 Canada, 2014 Japan.)

It is important to recall that 714X, a proprietary blend, is a true immune modulator that can be either used for curative purposes, alone or in combination with conventional modalities, or simply used alone as a preventative agent.

Naessens’ vision of health is highly compatible with the holistic approach where many factors impact the biological system including the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual factors. It is thus essential to address each person as the unique expression of a biological signature.

A trustful partnership between consumers and their health care providers (conventional and/or alternative) is the new trend that Naessens supports entirely, bringing integrative medicine to the forefront of a new era.

Gaston Naessens, at 92 years old, is still young at heart and continues to work at his own pace, in peace, always eager to find nontoxic solutions to maintain optimal health.

For more information on Naessens work or on the 714X product visit the Cerbe Distribution, Inc. web site.

See also Change of Strategy in Cancer Care Management: Cancer Immunotherapy a Major Breakthrough Leading to a Paradigm Shift by Dr. Gaston Naessens and Jacinte Levesque Naessens, originally published in Wise Journal, Fall 2015.

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