Wound Healing


Photo by ocskaymark, 2016 / 123rf.com

Complementary and alternative methods for helping wounds heal.

The Use of Hypochlorous Acid Solution in Wound Management

Sodium hypochlorite solutions have been used in wound care for a hundred years and are familiar to practitioners as Dakin's solution. In the last 15 years more advanced hypochlorous acid solutions based on electrochemistry have emerged as safe and viable wound-cleansing agents and infection treatment adjunct therapies.

Silver Coated Dressing and Microcurrent for Wound Healing

Burn injuries account for up to 20% of conventional combat casualties, and expose their victims to infection, organ dysfunction, and severe dehydration. The efficacy of direct microcurrent in combination with an FDA-approved silver nylon dressing evaluated in the treatment of skin donor sites for partial thickness thermal injuries.