Visit with Dr. Marcos Díaz

Site Visit

  • Location: Aguascalientes, Mexico
  • Date: May 2009
  • Site visitor: Ferdinando Pisani


Marcos Díaz, MD

Dr. Marcos Díaz is an eminent Cuban psychiatrist who is an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Cuban medical system has successfully incorporated and integrated TCM in all its clinics and hospitals. The original motivating factor was a strategic initiative to gain more independence from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who substantially dictate world health policy. Cuba sent some of its brightest doctors to study with its natural allies: China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, and Russia. The knowledge and experience gained created the basis of the successful integration back in Cuba.

Dr. Díaz was one of these pioneering personalities that forged many of the current TCM physicians. These have been grouped under the Cuban Bioenergetics Society that Dr. Díaz presided over for a decade. Reaching the age of retirement and still being full of energy, Dr. Díaz is now consultant to international projects promoting TCM. One of these is with the Universidad de la Concordia in Aguascalientes, Mexico a regional university presided over by a very innovative and visionary chairman. He has taken the initiative to create one of first faculties in Latin America of Health and Integrative Medicine. This faculty offers beginner and advanced courses in TCM that can be modulated and followed on-line to allow health professionals to study while managing their busy schedules.

FAIM has visited Dr. Díaz in Aguascalientes because he is a master of unconventional and vast knowledge. Dr. Díaz shared with FAIM the manuscripts of five yet unpublished books that are new and original contributions to this field of medicine. FAIM has helped Dr. Díaz by connecting him with the Universidad de San Marcos, Latin America’s oldest medical school, which has invited him to Peru to dictate a 200 hour course to medical doctors.