There is a Cure for Diabetes

Dr. Gabriel Cousens provides a 21-day program to heal diabetes naturally

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There is a Cure for Diabetes by Gabriel Cousens, MD

There is a Cure for Diabetes has been an interesting collective effort of over thirty-five years of input from clients and pioneers of the live-food movement to heal diabetes naturally.

Chapter 1 presented overwhelming data that diabetes is a world-wide pandemic.

In Chapter 2 the reader can see that by living in the Culture of Death (expressed by: a diet and lifestyle of highly refined carbohydrates, dairy products, processed white flour, processed white sugar, cooked animal and other saturated fats, tans fats, nicotine, coffee, commercial foods high in agrochemicals, heavy metal toxicity, vaccinations, poor air and water quality, and high stress), we have created a pandemic of diabetes.

Chapter 3 concluded that diabetes is a complex metabolic dysregulation that emerges as a symptom of the Culture of Death. The lifestyle and diet of the Culture of Life is the antidote. Although the book presents a theory, preliminary results back it up. 100% of the Type-2 participants were off medications in four days and many had fasting blood sugar levels of 85 in a few weeks (down from an average of 260). The rapid reversal of the seven stages was accelerated by green juice fasting and natural supplements of herbs, minerals, high-protease enzymes and digestive enzymes with food, zeolite to reduce heavy metal toxicity. The goal is to detoxify and turn on the anti-diabetic genes.

Chapter 4 covers all of the specifics that are included in the 21 day program offered by the Tree of Life including supplements and lifestyle changes.

The process of making many major changes in diet and lifestyle may seem overwhelming, but the rewards are great. Cousens presents the approach that moderate changes will not reverse the patient's situation. A complete commitment must be made to enjoy success. With the prediction of one out of three children in the United States projected to develop diabetes it is important to have serious solutions that are effective. Inevitably the culture of eating must change in order to avoid this outcome. These changes include juice feasting (yes, feasting not fasting), organ detoxification followed by rebuilding with nutrient dense foods, rehydrating, eating a plant only based diet which is mostly raw and following an emotional cleansing program.

Chapter 6 includes guidelines for food preparation, sprouting grains and nuts, update on healthy oils, food preparation equipment and sample menus. Recipes from the Culture of Life Cuisine are shared in detail.

At a time when the medical community claims there is no cure for Diabetes, this is a refreshing resource that seriously gives the reader a step by step guide to recovery. For those who would rather complete the program under the guidance of Dr. Cousens, the Tree of Life Center has programs throughout the year. For more information go to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center.

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