Systematic Process


Photo courtesy of Thomas Aksnes

Thomas Aksnes of Bergen, Norway, with the Electrointersticial Scanner and patient.

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) identifies effective alternative therapies using a four-pronged systematic approach.

Site visits

FAIM makes site visits and screens clinical practices and protocols brought to our attention from all around the world to determine the level of supporting evidence and assess the feasibility of pursuing further research.


FAIM attends conferences around the world to pursue its search for effective, non-toxic, and low-cost alternative therapies.

Retrospective studies and clinical trials

FAIM conducts retrospective reviews of the medical records to determine if the treatment or protocol merits further evaluation. FAIM creates cooperative relationships with other research facilities or awards grants for clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of targeted promising therapies.

Networking to integrate new therapies into practice

Upon determination of efficacy and safety, FAIM shares the therapies with hospitals and clinics around the world for integration into the health care system. FAIM reports all findings on the website, publishes books, and participates in conferences to further disseminate information.