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The Stem Cell Pioneers forum started in 2007 when the co-founders, Barbara and Jeannine, returned home from getting an offshore stem cell treatment for COPD and had no one to turn to for support or credible information. They both had become very ill after treatment and the company where they went was not responding satisfactorily.

Barbara's son gave them the forum and today it is the largest patient moderated forum for stem cell discussion and support for those who have had treatment and those thinking of having treatment.

The forum has grown to include many professionals who offer their assistance by hosting the popular "Ask the Doctor" forum that allows patients to submit questions to the host.

The forum does not endorse any companies, doctors or treatments, but it does allow members to post their individual experiences at various clinics.

It also serves as a watchdog for clinics that may not have the best interests of patients at heart.

The forum has a vast amount of articles posted concerning all kinds of stem cell research and treatment.

The Stem Cell Pioneers forum lends its support to the International Cell Medicine Society (ICMS) by devoting an entire forum to them and continuously recruiting readers and members to join and support ICMS to bring the reality of a safe stem cell network home to all of us.

Stem cell therapy offers hope to millions of people who had none before. The Stem Cell Pioneers forum is dedicated to bringing this hope to all that need it. Please join us at the Stem Cell Pioneers web site.