Quantum Medicine Conference 2011, Brazil

Saúde Quântica e Qualidade de Vida (Quantum Health and Quality of Life)

The second international symposium on Quantum Health and Quality of Life was held September 15-18, 2011 in Recife, Brazil and was one of the largest quantum health conferences in the world with over 2,000 attendees. These numbers signify the growing interest in the field of safe, holistic healthcare and the desire for a more preventative approach to health.

The speakers wrote a book together called Pontos de Mutação na Saúde and they presented their work at the conference.

Lama Padma Samten


Photo courtesy of Kimberly Schipke

Lama Padma Samten with FAIM representative, Kimberly Schipke, MS

Lama Padma Samten, a spiritual teacher of Tibetan Buddhism opened the conference with inspiring words regarding the future of healthcare and research with an emphasis on the importance of combining mind, body and spirit.

Dr. Alberto Peribanez-Gonzalez

The second day was filled with Brazilian doctors and scientists presenting their work. Alberto Peribanez-Gonzalez, M.D. showed his research on the importance of natural gardening without genetic modifications and pesticides which pollute the water supply.

He also stressed the importance of having a diet with less additives and plenty of raw foods. He showed a clip from a documentary mimicking the 30-day McDonald diet movie "Super Size Me" except a group of diabetics were put on a raw food diet for 30 days. By the end, their doctors reported the participants were cured from diabetes – known to have no cure. For more information about medicine in the kitchen, please visit Dr. Alberto Peribanez Gonzalez' web site.

Dr. Thornton Streeter


Photo courtesy of Dr. Thornton Streeter

The most powerful image in Dr. Streeter's presentation was an electro-photonic image comparing a raw apple versus a microwaved apple which clearly showed a significant difference in photonic (light) emissions.

The following day of the conference Dr. Thornton Streeter, CEO of the Centre for Biofield Sciences (India), presented various technologies which can be used for preventative, holistic screening and research. Medical thermal imaging and electro-interstitial scanning were two technologies which are certified with the FDA for medical use and can detect areas of concern prior to physical symptoms.

For more information about biofield energy research and education, please visit the Centre for Biofield Sciences web site.

John Veltheim


Photo by Kimberly Schipke

John Veltheim performing a BodyTalk session on Dr. Thornton Streeter backstage

John Veltheim (Australia), the founder of Body Talk, presented the technique he developed which uses a sophisticated process of kinesiology and in-depth protocols to determine the highest priority for improving a person's health. Using a series of tapping between the brain and heart, the practitioner can set energetic programs to run during the peak hour of the target organ based on the Chinese organ clock.

He also taught everyone brain tapping patterns to use in critical case situations as a form of energetic first aid. For more information Body Talk and locating a practitioner, please visit the International BodyTalk Association web site.

Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher


Photo courtesy of Kimberly Schipke

Nuclear and astrophysicist Elizabeth Rauscher, PhD with Kimberly Schipke, MS

Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D. (U.S.A.) discussed the science behind her external pacemaker which has already passed through Phase I FDA clinical trials. The device generates a magnetic field and the heart entrains to the rhythm it generates.

It is a major breakthrough for the elderly who are too fragile to undergo surgery and for children with arrhythmias who have to undergo a series of pacemaker surgeries and consume blood thinners for life when they would otherwise grow out of the condition.

For more information regarding her research, please visit Elizabeth Rauscher's Noetic Advanced Studies Institute web page.

Dimtry Orlov and Krishna Madappa

Dimtry Orlov (Russia) and Krishna Madappa (U.S.A) demonstrated the use of Electro-Photonic Imaging for research into various fields of health by monitoring the photonic emissions from each meridian located on the fingertips. Orlov also presented his recent invention called Eco-Tester which measures the subtle energy within an environment. It detects minute changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure which can be used in the research laboratory to monitor for any other changes which may cause a subtle change in data. For more information on Electro-Photonic Imaging, please visit the GDV Camera web site.

Amit Goswami

The final day of the conference, world renowned quantum physicist Amit Goswami packed the auditorium with his lecture relating the physics behind the various states of consciousness. He explained the limitations of the current Newtonian-based physics model taught in schools and explored new ways to look at science on the quantum level. He received a standing ovation for his lecture with an amazing, high-spirited Brazilian applause.

Quantum Health conferences

The Quantum Health conferences organized by Wallace Liimaa in Brazil are the first of its kind in South America. As the interest in integrative healthcare and its application has spread widely, increasing numbers of Brazilian doctors and healthcare practitioners are widening the spectrum of their healthcare delivery to include complementary and alternative modalities.

The past two Quantum Health conferences have brought together scientists from all over the world to educate practitioners about the science and bringing forward technologies to perform more research behind this ever growing field.

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