Quantum Energy Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Date: September 19-21, 2008
  • Attendee: Ferdinando Pisani


Photo by Kristine Billeskov Larsen, ©2008 / European Quantum Energy Medicine Conference

Dr. James Oschman speaking at the European Quantum Energy Medicine Conference.

FAIM attended the European Quantum Energy Medicine Conference in Copenhagen, from September 19 to 21, 2008. The epithet phrase "exploring, expanding and challenging the boundaries of health concepts and systems" was most descriptive for the life-changing intellectual environment fermenting during the conference. One of Denmark's major medical university lecture halls was saturated with health practitioners eager to learn from some of the leading theoretical and medical scientists in the field of Quantum Energy Medicine.

The organizers first of all wanted to get the message across that Quantum Energy Medicine is not a single area of study or practice. It is a term used to cover a very wide array of approaches, methodologies, technologies and scientific studies in the context of health, healing and medicine that moves far beyond the modern Western allopathic framework. "Quantum" comes from quantum physics, which encompasses some of the greatest discoveries in the history of science.

The organizers say that the often under-publicized area of medicine is full of scientific discoveries and testing – which are developing so rapidly and in such surprising ways – that the boundaries between "pure;" science and what has before been termed as "mythical," "spiritual" or sometimes more critically "nonsense," are rapidly merging and fading. It is becoming more and more acceptable for doctors, scientists and technologists to use and explain phenomena like the effects of energy, such as light or bio-resonance and information on healing.

Healers who have been using energetic or informational methods without ever knowing the scientific basis, are now being recognized and validated by the scientific world. An exciting example of one of the major findings for people working in this area is the scientific credibility that consciousness and intention have remarkable and pronounced effects on health.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

One of the leading scientists in this field is Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. She directs the Institute of Science in Society, a research institute that is a hothead of cutting-edge articles. Dr. Ho is author of various fascinating books (among which Living with the Fluid Genome and The Rainbow and the Worm), is editor of the homonymous magazine Science in Society and is very active in helping society understand the implications of new scientific discoveries. For example, she is ravenously outspoken against GMOs which she says are "the marriage between bad-science and big-business" and a danger to society as a whole.

Dr. Ho introduced a complex theory of how the body is intimately connected by water, collagen and quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement means that many systems link together and behave as if they were one system. Dr. Ho explained how protons are able to act as superconducting communication channels.

Connective tissues like collagen fibers have properties such as that of changing a photon's frequency. She exposed evidence that the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine use such connective tissue as its pathway to allow information to travel. Dr. Ho also talked about the structure of water that, together with collagen, forms a huge liquid crystal that operates via proton-conduction.

While traditional science studies different biological sub-systems, Dr. Ho proposes a "quantum super imposition" where all these are integrated in cycles, rhythms and infrastructures that fit together into a dynamic pattern that follows fractal principles. Thus health, in all this complexity, can be defined as order within apparent chaos. All these systems interact in the quantum coherence, which is the ability of the organism to work as a whole and in doing so behave as one system. This is Dr. Ho's definition of health.

Dr. Ho finished her lecture showing how the heartbeat has an emergent order in its apparently non-linear beats and that its electrical activity is fifty times greater than that of the brain.

Dr. James Oschman

Another eminence who talked is Dr. James Oschman, the major promoter of the concept of the "living matrix." Collagen and water (in its crystalline form) make a network that connects the whole body in a continuum that goes beyond the classical boundary of the single cell barrier. The extracellular matrix and the cytoskeleton are intimately connected in this semiconducting network, which suggests like Alfred Pischinger, that the cell is not the basic unit of biology. This is a major explanation on how manipulative therapies work; they exert effects on the capillary-matrix-cell triad.

Dr. Oschman said that we now again stand at the crossroads in the development of science and medicine: "As the pieces fit together, we can expect the emergence of a complementary or integrative medicine that seems just as miraculous as penicillin did when it was first discovered."

We leave the electrical model for a matrix model and yet again find that within the matrix model is enclosed yet another matrix: that of space itself. Dr. Oschman discussed the idea of "levels" in biology; scales of reference within the physical matrix. Each level increasing in energy until we reach the non-physical that has the highest energy level: the space within and without the body itself.

Dr. Peter Fraser

With his charisma, Dr. Peter Fraser talked about the ordinal characteristics of space and the way information appears to be carried within a quantum field. But that was not based on the very appealing idea of the water and collagen matrix: the matrix is the acupuncture meridian system.

But the structure of space and its ability to act as a reservoir of "energy" was a basic theme about how organs appear to energize themselves by their tuned spaces. These are called "co-axial resonators" by electronics engineers. The organs expand and contract a little every few seconds through your whole life because they naturally arrange themselves into large, medium and small resonators; this is predicted by the solid math theory of biological scaling. Nature prefers some sizes, masses and even shapes to others.

Dr. Fraser who is Chief Scientific Officer of Nutri-Energetics Systems authored the following list of what is known about quantum physics that could possibly have a counterpart in biology and, therefore, medicine:

  1. Energy waves tend to form "clumps" or quanta and are not homogenous.
  2. Higher frequencies of waves represent higher energy states.
  3. There is a transfer of energy that is at least an appearance between electrons and photons.
  4. Subatomic particles appear to be in instant continuous communication with each other via a quantum field. This is called quantum entanglement.
  5. This communication can take place instantly over infinite distances, and this phenomenon is called action at a distance, which, like gravity, is not to be understood at all if you go anywhere near the Copenhagen Model of Atomic Structure.
  6. Lastly, the idea has arisen of quantum coherence, which emerged from double-slit experiments in optics. If there are no rigid lines between electrons and photons, then it is very important.

Dr. Fraser says that these six ideas on theories that may be a manifestation of a flawed atomic model dating from the early twentieth century, only four appear to have been seen, so far, to be coherent with any biological processes. These are:

  1. Quantum entanglement, which is the basis of a theory that was promulgated since 1984 by James Oschman.
  2. Quantum coherence, which is a concept Mae-Wan Ho and Professor Popp (who could not make it to the conference due to health problems) use to define health in an organism.
  3. Professor Popp's idea of energy transfer between electrons and photons has gone into quantum chemistry but not biochemistry.
  4. The phonon is a sound of up to 100k Hz, which when it travels through a crystalline matrix (like collagen matrix in biology) exhibits different characteristics from normal sound. It has been called quantised vibrations at an atomic level. (Try googling "phonons in biology.")

In his commentary to the conference, Dr. Fraser quotes Ben Best: "Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics."

Dr. Milo Wolff

"The 'dark ages' of physics is over, according to Dr. Milo Wolff, writing in his new book Schrödinger's Universe on the Wave Structure of Matter. I know you are wondering what these dark ages were. They were the many years of Neils Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, who helped develop a system of physics that, being immeasurable, began to resemble philosophy rather than science. Quantum physics ended up with as many as 500 high-energy particles and many riddles and nonsensical arrangements of mathematics that were displeasing to many. John Cramer and Milo Wolff present a better arrangement of things."

"Wolff develops particle physics by stating that there are only three real particles, ones which emit wave structures and which present phase differences. All of his ideas leave the basic principles of physics intact. Why the excitement then? Because Wolff's model allows for interconnected information systems which are independent of the speed of light. Wave function collapse in Wolff's model appears to mean a phase or frequency change observed in the standing wave, whose character is certainly magnetic in character. The answers lie not in observations of photons in slits, so much as the character of magnetic fragments remaining after wave collapse."

Dr. Fraser asks what is the "abruption in science"?

"This is a discontinuity with the past – an indication of a scientific revolution. Milo Wolff in his first book, Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe, proposes that space has never actually been studied. It is not empty, but is crammed with structured energy. The information science suggested by myself is to fill this gap in physics. That is to say that space resonance can be measured by using co-axial tuned resonators, and that when 'resonance' occurs, if this is the word, there is a huge change in the character of the surrounding space, which I have described as an increase in permittivity."

To finalize, one of the major ideas proposed by the speakers at the conference is that cell biology in textbooks has been largely disproven and is perhaps bogus and should be revised to stop falsifying science further. Theories based on Energetic Medicine attack and want to replace Francis Crick's post-1955 biology dogma. Principal of these is that there is a liquid crystal matrix in the body that may be carrying both energy and information.