Natural Food Fair, Boston, MA

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Natural Food Fair, Boston

Physicians and medical scientists are the tip of the iceberg of a myriad of people wholeheartedly working to help improve the health and livelihood of society. To these we add the entrepreneurs of the natural health products that are constantly trying to be ahead of the curve searching for the next great idea.

After decades where the tendency was to neglect the nutritional quality of food, there is a definite new trend where the consumers are requesting healthy natural products free of artificial chemicals. It is incredible that society has gotten to a point where there is such a thing as a “health food store” to differentiate from unhealthy food -- as if ever there should have been unhealthy food. However, it is among the players of this new trend that we find some of the most exciting and innovative ideas in the field of health.

FAIM could not miss the opportunity to assist Natural Products Expo, one of the most important events in the industry. Organized twice a year -- in Boston, MA in the fall and in Anaheim, CA in spring -- it gathers the leading companies in the field that showcase their products to buyers from all over the world.

It was very exciting to feel the buzz of such a dynamic and prosperous environment and to have the opportunity to discuss first hand with the developers of the latest innovations.

The fair was divided in sections where there was a major thematic distinction between companies that sell supplements and those which sell foods. What struck us was the level of preparedness of the people in the various stands that answered all questions, even the irritating ones. The fair is so huge that one needs days to properly visit it. There are companies that sell products not becoming of the best health food concerns, but conveniently hitching a ride with the image of the whole environment. However, this forum is still the best opportunity for all kinds of health conscious products to be exhibited -- in addition to foods and supplements.

There are companies selling water ionizers, juicers, special light bulbs, environmentally safe detergents, natural rubber flip-flops, ultraviolet light sanitizers, etc. This is also the opportunity for organizations (i.e. the Humane Society) and foundations (i.e. Dr. Rath) to promote their activities. Book launches and lectures are organized hourly into a packed schedule.

This is an opportunity for anyone working in any correlated field of health and who happens to be close to one of the expo centers, to participate in this exciting bi-annual event.