International Association for Biologically Closed Electric Circuits in Medicine and Biology Conference



Dr. Björn E.W. Nordenström

Dr. Björn E.W. Nordenström


The IABC was officially formed in September of 1993. Dr. Björn E.W. Nordenström, the founder of this association, was the first IABC President. The membership consists of medical doctors, biologists, biophysicists, engineers, educators and business professionals.

IABC members are involved in the development of electrotherapeutic, thermotherapeutic and magnetotherapeutic techniques, in combination with conventional therapies, for the treatment of a wide variety of health problems including cancer, diseases of the visual system, connective tissue disease and neurological disorders. Approximately 300 members are actively engaged in related research and clinical studies in a wide variety of locations including Australia, Brazil, China, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Sweden and the U.S.

Topics covered

  1. Zeta Potential and the effect of cell phones on the body.
  2. The use of EchT for cancer was reviewed. There have been cases with success, but it is not considered a cure.
  3. Non- invasive Elecromagnetic medicine was discussed. The PicoTesla Therapy applied by Dr. Anninos of Greece was explained in detail. This therapy shows excellent results with Parkinson's patients. It affect the brain through magnetotherapeutic activation of certain neural pathways.
  4. The effects of the Earth's magnetic fireld on the body were explained.
  5. Hyperthermia, using the Oncotherm, heats cancerous tissue and is being used frequently in Germany. Approximately 100,000 patients per year are treated with this therapy. The Oncotherm emits very low frequencies so the fluid is the only thing to heat up. Unfortunately, this therapy is not available in the United States.
  6. Laser Therapy was reviewed revealing the following applications:
    • Speed healing in post traumas/surgery
    • Reduces pain in neuropathic disorders
    • Reduces scar tissue
    • Reduced pathological effects in spine and nerve injuries
    • Improve outcome of Myocardial infarct and stroke
    • Improve recover of nerve injuries and clinical outcome of diseases.
  7. The impact of vaccines on infants and service men was covered extensively relating the problem to aluminum in the vaccine and it's impact on the zeta potential of the individual.

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