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There are currently hundreds of different approaches aimed at solving health problems. Some are within conventional medicine, and most are categorized as traditional, natural, alternative or complimentary medicine. We can assume that almost every approach does some good, as it is highly unlikely that many people would engage for years in an occupation that didn't provide some positive effects.

Clients have different needs, and even for every diagnosis there are different causative factors involved in developing the problem. A pill can sometimes deal with one aspect, usually symptomatically, but it is not the solution to create good homeostasis and perfect health. The ideal clinic is one that uses the most effective approaches to deal with the primary causative factors as well as the problem itself.

With the complexity of the human body and most health challenges, it is necessary to do a thorough assessment of each client. Then one should use the most effective approach for every aspect that needs to be dealt with. This usually requires a combination of methodologies, ranging from lifestyle changes to therapeutic approaches, mostly within the category of energy medicine. My focus for the past 16 years has been to find the optimum clinic toolbox and methodology, and in this article you can read about the clinic model that gives a potential to restore health completely.

Why Energy Medicine?

Aiding, instead of overriding, the intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms

The human organism is the ultimate machine. There are billions of processes going on at all times, which are well controlled by complex, intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms. When a health problem develops, the self-regulating mechanisms have been overloaded by emotional, environmental, nutritional or toxic challenges in general, and/or a challenge just too difficult to handle. The genetic disposition only encodes which chronic problems might develop, but those will not develop unless other factors are involved.

If the human organism is supplied with everything it needs, and is not influenced by any stress factors, it is theoretically impossible to develop diseases. But many people don't know what the stressors are and/or don't want to make the necessary efforts for a healthy life. In today's society it is also quite difficult, as there are so many ordinary stress factors related to diet, toxins, radiation, etc., which mankind has not yet adapted to through evolution.

The clinics can find out which lifestyle factors are most important for each client to improve, and can also provide technologies for making it easier to do this. However most clients also have profound health issues that they need to resolve before there can be a discussion of just maintaining good health. The only logical way to do this is to identify the causative factors and every primary aspect of the problem, and then support the self-regulating mechanisms to effectively resolve it.

Conventional medicine focuses on forcing a change with chemical drugs and surgery, usually without addressing the causative factors. The intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms then lose the ability to keep everything in balance. There are also many profound aspects of the human body which are not addressed by conventional medicine; like energy systems, cell-communication, and information on multiple levels. Energy Medicine is a broad term which incorporates all these aspects, as well as supporting the self-regulating mechanisms to deal with challenges on a physical and biochemical level.

Why technology based?

Getting enough pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to see the full picture

The term Energy Medicine also covers several common types of alternative medicine. Energy Medicine is all about supporting our own self-regulating mechanisms, but the traditional therapies are usually too general to have fast and profound effects on diseases. The philosophy is great, and there are many good modalities and therapists. However, the main potential lies within slowly rebuilding health and awareness, and guiding willing people on a journey to heal.

Within the category of Energy Medicine there are now technologies that can work fast and specific, like conventional medicine, but doing so with the holistic and supportive philosophy of traditional alternative/natural medicine. Several of our technologies are in this category, having aspects of electromagnetic therapy which is specified as veritable energy medicine. Different technologies measure and/or influence different aspects. There is no single miracle machine that can do everything necessary to restore everybody's health, but with the right combination of technologies the potential is there.

A simple analogy is that every modality provides one or more pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle. With a jigsaw as complex as the human body, it requires a lot of pieces to see the full picture. It may be impossible to get all the pieces, but in most cases one can get enough information to find the primary and secondary factors, and to see the overall picture. In addition it is helpful to define which pieces are still missing after the initial assessment, and thus be able to see what to investigate further if the gathered information is not sufficient to solve the problems completely.

To achieve this without technologies, it would require a huge team with hundreds of professions/ specialties between them, and with a perfect integration of the information among them. Even then there would be challenges with lots of missing information which cannot be measured without technology, as well as a very costly and time-consuming process. We live in a technologically advanced age which is defining the future, and I personally believe that the future of medicine lies in technologies that support the natural systems in a holistic way.

Our clinic toolbox

An introduction to the most important technologies we use in the clinics

There are three main technologies used at our holistic and high-tech energy medicine clinics. Some clinics have more technologies, and some combine with conventional or alternative medicine modalities. Most clinics hire out technologies for use in-between sessions at the clinic. This includes small wearable devices such as our own invention PTD (Personal Therapy Device), and home use systems like Medithera (a German pulsating magnetic field mat) in combination with our unique EMF-shielded chi-machine. The clinics can also provide these and other technologies for purchase, based on client's individual needs. Below is a short overview of the 3 main technologies that are used at the clinics.

The ES-Teck complex is a medical device combining: Heart Rate Variability to test heart and ANS regulation; Pulse Wave Analysis to test the vascular system, circulation and oxygen; Bioimpedance to test body composition and Phase Angle; Electro Interstitial Scan to test cell-activity and pH in different segments of the body, as well as several other factors. Immediately after a 2 minute scan, the results are provided, including homeostasis interpretations and statistical comparisons to specific issues. The ES-Teck is mostly used within conventional medicine, it has FDA 510K registrations, and is the perfect tool for General Practitioners. However, knowing as much as possible about the homeostasis and the balance of the most important processes in the body is just as important for our clinics.

The Introspect is an Energy Medicine device within a subcategory called Quantum BioMedicine. It is a non-invasive Russian device registered as a molecular spectroscope. It measures information on a cellular level, aiming at detecting causative factors for why things might not be in balance. Clinics use it to test the specific organs and tissue that have a compromised function according to ES-Teck feedback, symptoms and sometimes other tests. The Introspect also has a feature for reprogramming information on a cellular level, as well as making remedies specific for the client. There are currently 19 replicas in production around the world, which should indicate that this technology is highly interesting. The accuracy and reproducibility is however better with the original Introspect, according to our tests.

SCIO and L.I.F.E. Systems are energy medicine devices, also often categorized as Quantum BioMedicine technologies. Some clinics have SCIO and others have L.I.F.E. Systems, and both these devices fulfill the basic need for therapy at the clinics. These devices also have a great feature of testing subconscious responses, which is most helpful to deal with unresolved emotional factors. The response-tests are also helpful to find out which therapies are effective and how much to stimulate. The therapeutic possibilities on both devices are more or less all-embracing when it comes to stimulating the intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms. When doing therapy specifically based on the assessment done with the other technologies, both SCIO and L.I.F.E. Systems give excellent results. This can easily be detected with follow up assessments with ES-Teck and Introspect, other tests and symptomatic evaluation.

HealthTech Sciences AS and the author of this article

Aiming for a new paradigm in health

HealthTech Sciences in Norway is behind the clinic concept for a total of 143 clinics in Norway, as well as some clinics in USA, UK, Holland and South Africa. The head office and laboratory is located at the High Technology Center in Bergen. A special clinic nearby, with more than 30 technologies, is our main facility for research and testing. This clinic also accepts clients referred from the other clinics around the world, in difficult cases where extra technologies may be required.

Founder of HealthTech Sciences is Thomas Aksnes, the author of this article. I grew up in a family of hard core scientists in the field of chemistry, physics, high-tech development and medicine. During my childhood I was very ill, and the more medications I got, the worse and more chronic my conditions became. The search for a solution in conventional areas and universities was so frustrating that I engaged in study with institutes and research groups around the world that were involved in solid alternative approaches. This developed the personal solution I needed, and lead me to a life mission of researching cell communication, self-regulating mechanisms and technologies.

Eric Hoffer put it nicely: "In times of change the learners will inherit the earth while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." HealthTech Sciences are at the forefront in the application of non-invasive and innovative future-science medical technology, and have vast experience and a huge depth of understanding of the complexities associated with health. Included in the team are Ph.D.'s, a cell biologist, and professionals in both medicine and alternative medicine. HealthTech Sciences collaborate with two reputable universities, as well as organizations such as FAIM (Foundation of Alternative and Integrative Medicine) in USA.

There is a lot of politics in healthcare. New drug-free developments are not welcomed with enthusiasm by "Big Pharma" or the health authorities and medical institutions guided by them. However, we believe that our holistic and high-tech energy medicine clinic concept is building a bridge between conventional and alternative medicine. We are also confident that when the world learns of the results achieved, a new medical paradigm will emerge. I personally work close to 100 hours a week to help this happen, and I see wonderful efforts by many other idealists, health professionals and forward thinkers around the world. This gives me confidence that the world is about to become a better place, offering new answers for millions suffering from disease and ill health.


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ES-Teck research

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Thomas Aksnes is a Norwegian independent researcher and entrepreneur. He is internationally recognized in the field of health technologies, self-regulating mechanisms and health optimization.

He has developed the Personal Therapy Device (PTD), a proprietary miniature technology that addresses symptoms using programmed series of electromagnetic signals.

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