Eugenia Malyshev


Eugenia Malyshev

Eugenia Malyshev, MA, Dip BBP

Eugenia Malyshev, MA, Dip BBP, a chronic asthmatic since age 35, is the first Buteyko practitioner in the U.S. accredited by the Buteyko Breathing Clinic of Ireland and The Buteyko Clinic of Moscow.

Eugenia is fluent in both Russian and English, which helped her to study all the original Buteyko research as well as the teaching methods of largest Russian Buteyko schools that exist today. She opened the AsthmaCare Buteyko Clinc USA educational services in 2008.

Eugenia is a member of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association (BBEA), which is a high-standards, professional organization for the teaching and certification of Buteyko Educators in North America and worldwide.

Articles by Eugenia Malyshev

Buteyko Breathing Therapy

Occassionally FAIM will highlight a particular protocol. With the large number of asthma cases, it seemed prudent to share the Buteyko Breathing Therapy with our readers in this article by Eugenia Malyshev.