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Leaders in the energy psychology field available in the audio library.

Want to dive deep into the world of energy psychology and study with the field's luminaries from your home?

Energy psychology (EP) is a family of integrative approaches to psychotherapy, coaching and healthcare treatment rooted in mind-body healing traditions that are up to 5,000 years old. EP methods blend the bio-energetic insights of these traditions with the best of contemporary psychological practice, and have been refined through 35 years of modern clinical experience with millions of clients throughout the world.

For those mental health, medical and allied helping professionals interested in adding these integrative methods to their practices (and consumers interested in spirituality, healing and self development), the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) has opened up an annual subscription option to their entire conference recording library (over 400 titles) for only $99. Topics in the new ACEP Audio Library include trauma treatment, depression and anxiety, addictions and recovery, pain relief, peak performance, spirituality, weight management, disaster relief, neurobiology and more.

For FAIM readers, ACEP is generously offering a $20 discount using the code: FAIM2014. That means hundreds of downloadable lectures for only $79. To purchase a subscription and start downloading today, visit the ACEP Audio Library Subscription Center.

The keynotes available for downloading this year include thought leaders in the fields of mind-body medicine, energy psychology and consciousness studies such as:

  • Dan Siegel: Mindfulness, Mindsight and the Brain: What is the Mind and Mental Health?
  • Jean Houston: So You Want to Change the World - Energy & Aptitude for a Time of Whole System Transition
  • Bruce Lipton: Beings of Energy in Bodies of Matter AND The Biology of Belief
  • Nan Lu: The Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Foundation of Energy Psychology
  • Candace Pert: What the Bleep Do We Know?
  • Lama Surya Das: Buddha is as Buddha does: Ten Original Practices for Enlightened Living
  • Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshi Devi: The Art of Forgiveness
  • Larry Dossey: Remembering the Future: The Power of Premonitions and How They Shape our Existence
  • Anodea Judith: Into the Heart of it: The Chakra System as a Map for Human Evolution
  • Bessel van der Kolk: Treatment of Trauma in Adults & Children
  • Lynne McTaggart: The Bond – Connecting Through the Space Between Us
  • Rupert Sheldrake: Morphic Fields & Morphic Resonance: Implications for Healing, Family Memory, the Collective Unsconscious and Archetypes

Other keynote presenters include Donna Eden, Amit Goswami, John Veltheim, Alberto Villoldo, Beverly Rubik, David Feinstein, Gary Schwartz, Christine Page, Bill Bengston, David Simon, Judith Orloff, Gary Craig, Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Dean Radin, Larry Stoler, Debbie Ford and Belleruth Naparstek.

To purchase a subscription and start downloading today, visit ACEP Audio Library Subscription Center and be sure to use the code FAIM2014 to receive a $20 discount.

To learn more about energy psychology, visit the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) web site.

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