Dr. Tullio Simoncini: Site Visit

Site Visit Summary

  • Dr. Tullio Simoncini (oncologist), Rome, Italy
  • Date: April 23, 2008
  • Web site: Cure Naturali Cancro
  • Site visitors: Emory Oney and Ferdinando Pisani


Dr. Tullio Simoncini

Tullio Simoncini, PhD

Clinic Location

Dr. Tullio Simoncini uses multiple clinics in Rome. His patients usually come to Rome and stay in a hotel close to Dr. Simoncini's home and he treats them at local clinics on an outpatient basis. We visited Dr. Simoncini at his home in Rome.

Philosophy and Type of Treatment

Dr. Simoncini started his personal war against cancer in medical school when he heard cancer described as a terrible and mysterious monster. It occurred to Dr. Simoncini that cancer acted just like a fungus and if it could be a fungus, it could be treated. Dr. Simoncini knew the extreme sensitivity of fungi to saline and electrolytic solutions, so concluded sodium bicarbonate that is used in children's oral antacids could become a great weapon in his war on cancer.

Dr. Simoncini further tested his theory on patients with amazing results after oral or intravenous administration of high concentrations of sodium bicarbonate. He expanded his treatment to include positioning a small catheter directly in the artery that nourishes the neoplastic mass, allowing the administration of high dosages of sodium bicarbonate in the deepest recesses of the organism.


Dr. Simoncini has developed specific sodium bicarbonate solutions therapies for the following:

  • Oropharynx cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Cancer of the liver
  • Peritoneal carcinosis
  • Intestinal cancer
  • Cancer of the spleen
  • Tumor of the pancreas
  • Bladder tumor
  • Prostate tumor
  • Pleura tumor
  • Tumors of limbs
  • Brain cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Skin cancer

The following examples of Dr. Simoncini's results were taken from his book Cancer is a Fungus.


Images provided by Dr. Simoncini from his book Cancer is a Fungus

Left: Lung's CAT scan before the treatment, taken on April 19, 2002

Right: Lung's CAT scan after the treatment, taken December 4, 2002


Images provided by Dr. Simoncini from his book Cancer is a Fungus

Left: Condition of melanoma treatment already started, October 2000

Right: Scar condition in May 2002


The best way to contact Dr. Simoncini is by visiting his web site: Dr. Simoncini Cancer Therapy or via email.

FAIM does not know of any places in the U.S. using Dr. Simoncini's complete protocol.