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Matthias Rath, MD
Matthias Rath, MD

In a constant monitoring of events around the world related to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), the highly publicized activities of the German physician Dr. Matthias Rath have come to our attention. To those that might not be acquainted with this extremely active individual, Dr. Rath is the promoter of some very controversial campaigns that are aimed at warning humanity on an encroaching collusion of pharmaceutical industries with war-mongering interests. He went so far as to buy, for this message, whole page advertisement campaigns in the most important newspapers around the world.

A pupil of Linus Pauling, from whom he inherited a crusading spirit, Dr. Rath has also been controversial for dissenting the use of anti retro virals in the treatment of AIDS. Instead he promoted a non-toxic orthomolecular treatment aimed at rebuilding the immune system. This has gotten him in legal problems in South Africa where coincidentally, the former African National Congress president, Thabo Mbeki, publicly raised some of the same issues. Dr. Rath’s multiple web sites in multiple languages offer a whole array of things like didactic material, book downloads, links and information on the orthomolecular products he manufactures. Dr. Rath also warns that the pharmaceutical industry is lobbying to limit the public use of CAM supplements through the implementation of strict legal codex that will regulate the industry.