Dr. Karl Maret


Karl Maret

Karl Maret, MD, MEng

Karl Maret, MD, MEng, serves as president of the Dove Health Alliance, and was instrumental in its inception. His broad training as an electrical engineer, biomedical engineer, and medical doctor has given him a solid background in Energy Medicine.

He has carried out physiological research at the highest places on earth, including near the summit of Mt. Everest, as well as building specialty instrumentation for physiological measurements under the Antarctic ice. He has served as a military officer with distinction and run his own consulting business for many years.

Prior to serving the Dove Health Alliance he was president of another nonprofit foundation while simultaneously helping hundreds of clients within the field of complementary medicine.

Articles by Dr. Karl Maret

Energy Medicine in the United States

Dr. Karl Maret provides an overview of energy medicine in the U.S. including key perspectives, authors, organizations, educational institutions, and professional associations. Pioneers in the field are introduced and leaders in the the future of energy medicine are discussed.