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Donna Tomey

Donna Tomey

Donna J. Tomey is a Certified Clinical Thermographer. received her certification at Duke University under the auspices of the American College of Clinical Thermology, Inc.

After her own experience with breast cancer in early 2006, Donna learned about thermography as the earliest breast cancer screening tool available.

Shortly after the mastectomy of her right breast, Donna did a thermogram of her other breast and learned there were significant vascular changes that put her at serious risk for cancer in that breast. With the help of a nutritionist, Donna was able to reverse these changes by making the necessary alterations to her diet, lifestyle and hormones.

Since then, Donna has made it her mission to educate as many people as possible about this valuable screening tool.

To learn more, visit the her Thermography First web site. To find a thermography center near you go to the American College of Clinical Thermology.

Articles by Donna Tomey

Thermography for the Prevention of Breast Cancer

With over 97% accuracy, Donna Tomey reports, thermography has the ability to warn women 8-10 years before any other imaging method, that a cancer may be forming, alerting women early enough to begin the process of actually reversing this abnormal development before it even becomes a tumor.