Cancer Control Society 37th Annual Convention


  • Presenters: Dr. Richard Weeder, Dr. Charles Lenton Jr., Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Garry Gordon, Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Michael Murray, Frank Cuny, Azad Rastegar, Dr. Geronimo Rubio, Dr. Vijaya Nair, Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, Dr. Francisco Contreras, Dr. Dan Harper, Dr. David Kennedy, Dr. William Cockburn, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, Dr. Les Brietman, Dr. Lynn Jennings, Dr. Marc Darrow, Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. Ferre Akbarpour, Peter Sierck, Dr. Nancy Appleton, Dr. Gilberto Alvarez, Chaplain Tom Kapko, Archie Scott, Susan Moss, Dr. Joseph Brenner, Bill Henderson, Dr. Tony Jimenez, Clinton Miller, Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Marc Rose, David Steinman, Dr. Stephen Coles, Dr. Dennis Hooper, Dr. Luke Cua and Melissa Weaver.
  • Location: Burbank, California
  • Date: September 5-7, 2009
  • Attendee: Joanne Quinn, Ph.D., RMA


37th Annual Cancer Conference in Burbank, California

Each year the Cancer Control Society hosts the Annual Cancer Convention. It is attended by practitioners and the general public. A huge variety of topics are covered. For over 30 years the Cancer Control Society has been educating the public and professionals with information on non-toxic alternative therapies and nutritional approaches to cancer and other diseases. Their activities include sponsoring the Annual Conference, producing videos, DVD's, audio cassettes and CD's of each Convention speaker, publishing a Calendar of Events and a Health Programs Radio and TV Directory, maintaining a 12 hour phone answering service to give people immediate help all over the world, conducting a tour of Tijuana, Mexico Clinics six times a year and finally exhibiting at over 20 conventions annually. In order to cover the highlights several speakers will be summarized here.

Dr. Hal Huggins

Dr. Huggins reported on the effect dental health plays in the role of cancer. Sadly, dental x-rays pick up infection only 60% of the time. Root canals create a much greater risk of getting cancer due to the infection that persists around the tooth and gum. Ninety seven percent of terminal cancer patients have root canals. However, it is dangerous to remove a root canal. Check out the web site for information on how to do it safely. Huggins recommends using IV vitamin C, etc. The same is true for implants. The meridians that go through the tooth relate to the organs. Dr. Huggins is located in Colorado Spring, Colorado.

Charlotte Gerson

Charlotte Gerson runs a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. The clinic follows the theories of Dr. Wartburg stating diet and life style (as in eating meat) cause the pH of the body to be acid. To maintain good health the blood must be at 7.35-7.4. The body will use a neutralizing element , calcium from bones, so that all animal products cause you to lose bones. When the neutral zone drops below 7 the body cannot transport oxygen. If it gets below 6 you are at risk to cancer. When the blood cannot carry oxygen, it doesn't oxidize food into energy and can only use fermentative energy promoting cancer. People with chronic degenerative disease generally have a low pH. Protein from non animal sources: vegetables. plant vegetable protein, fresh raw organic juices consisting of carrot and apple, grains, minerals-living active minerals all help the immune, enzyme, hormones systems all function appropriately. Pancreatic enzymes recognize foreign tissues as foreign and eliminate them.

According to Gerson, if you eat too much animal product you run out of pancreatic protection. The clinic follows the protocol in the book A Cancer Therapy by Gerson and Healing the Gerson Way also by Gerson . These books completely explain all the details. They have found this protocol heals diabetes 2, arthritis, cystic fibrosis as well.

They have developed a DVD documentary entitled Beautiful Truth with all the information. Gerson Institute is a nonprofit.

Michael Murray, N.D.

Dr. Murray has written How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine and other books including What the Drug Companies Won't Tell You and Your Doctor Doesn't Know.

  1. Causes of cancer: free radical damage causes cancer by turning off the p53 gene that kills cell and turns on the proto-oncogene which encourages cancer.
  2. Causes: age, genetics, environment, life style and diet.
  3. Prevention: exercise, laugh, lower alcohol, sleep and manage stress.
  4. Cancer personality: over compliant, pathological niceness, over patient, repressed anger, denial of negative emotions and deal with stress through avoidance.
  5. Five ways to stay healthy: Spiritual connection, personal responsibility, positive attitude, passion, and create a vehicle for making a difference in the lives of others.

Azad Rastegar, BA

Mr. Rastegar works in the Burzynski's Clinic in Texas. They use Antineoplastons in their treatment protocol. Treatment is personalized as everyone is genetically unique. They address the genes involved in cancer.

A special "gene" blood test is performed and this determines which genes are causing the malignancy. The best gene targeted medications are selected to correct misbehaved genes.

"Gene target" approach is used: with cancer cells you have tumor suppressor genes and onco genes that are aggressive. The goal is to encourage the tumor suppresser and silence over expression of onco genes.

Anti-neoplastons: naturally occurring human peptides with strong anti- cancer properties but did not harm the body. They decrease the activity of onco genes and increase the suppressor cells.

Current state of antineoplastons: must qualify according to the FDA regulations. Patient must have brain tumor mainly inoperable- brain stem glioma. The Bruzynski Clinic would like to make this a standard therapy for everyone.

Contact: or, 800-856-8006, clinic 713-335-5697

Burton Goldberg

Burton Goldberg is an active member of the Cancer Control Society and helps with their promotion. He has developed four DVD's that are available through his web site at and he does consultations with people.

Geronimo Rubio, MD

Dr. Rubio runs a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico called the Rubio Cancer Center. His presentation was largely about lung cancer.

Lung tumors are mainly squamos cell, small cell, adenocarcinoma or sarcoma. The tumor changes to survive. There are lots of symptoms: dyspnea, fever, chest pain, anorexia, weight loss, fatigue, loss of appetite wheezing, cough, and hemoptysis. Causes include: smoking, chemical exposure (make up, beauty parlors, nail polish, etc.), radiation exposure, genes, immune breakdown and cell phones — radiation sparks the gene that promotes lung cancer.

Diagnosis is determined by: chest x-ray, CAT scan, MRI, biopsy, cytology. Immunotherapy is used including diet by blood type, detox, herbs, oxygen, rife , nontoxic meds, hormone therapy, lastly chemo/radiation and psychoneuroimmunology. They have published a book entitled Treatable and Beatable.

Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD

International BioCare Hospital is located in Tijuana, Mexico. The hospital promotes a strong spiritual life and elimination of stress, a good diet using nutrition orally and with IV. They use detox strategies including chelation. Antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and stress management are important as well.

Supplements include vitamin E, Selenium, gota kola and melatonin. Their protocol includes live cell therapy, Laetrile, Ukrain, essiac, sanguinaria and thymus fractions: thymosin alpha 1, thyomodulin, proteolytic enzymes.

The immune system is managed with the use of dendritic cell vaccine, extra corporeal photopheresis, immune inhibitor removal, concentrated WBC prod and autologous stem cell and whole body hyperthermia (105 degrees F selectively kills heat sensitive malignant cells). Combining these protocols increases the effectiveness of alternatives.

Contact:, 800-701-7345

Francisco Contreras, MD

Oasis of Hope Hospital is in Tijuana, Mexico and in California. This hospital is known for its use of Laetrile, but in addition to this approach it also uses many additional therapies.

The reason that cancer therapy fails is because the treatment concentrates on the destruction of the tumor and doesn't look at metastasis. Only 10 percent of the research is on metastasis and this is what usually causes the fatality. At Oasis they only use therapies they would do themselves, holistic therapies, spiritual and emotional needs and will take whatever is good from any therapy. They use integrative, not alternative. The clinic has treated over 100,000 patients and has amassed a great deal of research. They largely use intervention, pharmaceutical, nutriceutical and emotional. 30% of their patients are alive after 5 years.

By putting orthodox and alternative together, they have about twice the success at three years as with conventional therapy. They only use FDA approved protocols.

William Cockburn, DC

Dr. Cockburn's presentation was about Thermography in the diagnosis of breast cancer. He presented the advantage of Thermography over Mammography as the imbalance in the breast can be seen long before it is seen with Mammography.

Typically the technician is looking for symmetry with no red areas. The nipple temperature difference between both breasts should not be more than one degree. When getting a Thermogram it is important to observe the gray scale to really see what is happening x300. Thermograms can be very useful, knowing that 80% biopsies are benign. The Thermogram prediction of benign biopsies was 97% accurate according to the study done at 4 US medical schools. For cancer the 5-8 years in advance the prediction is 47%-50% accurate. Infrared imaging offers a safe non invasive procedure that would be valuable as an adjunct to mammography in determining whether a lesion is benign or malignant. The study validated thermography on a scientific level but politics is holding back its acceptance for general use.

Contact: or

Keith Scott-Mumby, MD

Dr. Scott-Mumby was British born and now practices here in the United States. He promotes the 3 Pillars for successful treatment of cancer. His protocols include alternative treatments, heal, nurture, encourage immune response, fulfill nutrition, natural therapeutics, easing relief and unburdening stress. The Cancer is actually you.

Pillars of cancer for healing: diet, emotions, detox:

Pillar 1: Diet and nutrition. Greater than 40% of cancers are diet-based. The Hunza culture has no known cancer. They eat apricots.raw fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and milk from goats. Eskimo cultures eat lots of fat and liver with little cancer. This was studied by Dr. Preston Price. With a western diet there is a lot of cancer. Kuna Indians of Panama drink 4-6 cups of natural chocolate every day. Another important nutrient is Quinton which is a marine plasma used to correct the internal milieu. It contains all of the elements in the periodic table. Dr. Scott-Mumby believes the Johanna Budwig Diet of animal protein is a very effective one. He has written a book entitled Diet Wise which outlines how a patient can determine what foods are the most healing for their individual case.

Pillar 2: Emotions. There is definitely a cancer personality. Cantankerous people rarely get cancer. A wonderful book to investigate is The Healing Path by Ian Baras Another therapy that shows great promise for emotional repair is the voice repatterning system using the Volcal chair.

Pillar 3: Detox. Pollution is a major problem . Everyone has 50 or more chemicals in their body that are toxic. Glutathione is very important as a result. Dr. Sam Epstein in Politics of Cancer reports that xenobiotics can cause inflammation. Detox programs reduce the overload. Reduce personal exposure in the house, take care with cosmetics, take glutathione, magnesium, B3,B6, zinc molybdenum, cysteine and glycine. Consider thermal chamber depuration (low temperature saunas) and eat organic food. Be aware of heavy metals. These can be eliminated using chelation, chlorella, delta, DMPS, DMSA or Zeolite. He has written another book entitled Virtual Cancer.


Marc Darrow, MD

Prolotherapy: Dr. Darrow is the expert in prolotherapy, living pain free. With any pain situation, it is necessary to get to the root of it, the psychosis. Wean off the opioid pain killers due to side effects. Prolotherapy is the injection of an irritant solution into the joint or where the ligaments and tendons attach to the bones. The inject is delivered deep down to where the tissue attaches to bone. The irritant stimulates an immune reaction to get the body to naturally heal. Inflammation is necessary for healing.

In contrast, an anti-inflammatory drug blocks inflammation and the patient ends up with more problems. George Hackett, MD uses mostly dextrose but one could use phenol, guaiacol or tannic acid. It will start growing the collagen. To eliminate injection pain, .05 lydocane with no preservative is used. There have been no negative side effects reported. Research has shown 99% of elective orthopedic surgeries are unnecessary.

Contact: or, Darrow Wellness Institute, 310-231-7000

Robert Herrick, MD

Dry eye is a very big problem. It can result from an overactive pumping system causing neuro-immune dysregulation. Just as the stone creates ripples in the pond, this imbalance causes a multitude of issues including sleep apnea, post nasal drip, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cataract, middle ear congestion, macular degeneration, hoarseness of the throat, dry eye due to the parasympathetic dominance that results.

This is a curable disease. It is treated by placing plugs in the lacrimal secretory ducts. Once in place, the pump returns to normal activity and the other symptoms melt away.