Burton Goldberg


Burton Goldberg

Burton Goldberg

Burton Goldberg is the author of 18 books on the subject of Alternative Medicine, including the best selling Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. He's also the producer of four documentary films on the subjects of Curing Cancer, Ethical Stem Cells, Curing Depression, and Overcoming Addiction.

To learn more about alternative medicine and cancer research, visit the Burton Goldberg web site.

Articles by Burton Goldberg

Alternative Cancer Treatment Options vs Conventional Cancer Treatments

Burton Goldberg writes a letter to Steve Job's son, Reed Powell, who is dedicated to finding the cure for cancer. Goldberg explains the necessity of complementary therapies in the treatment of cancer.

Cancer and Health Crimes Against Humanity

Burton Goldberg has long been known as the voice of Alternative Medicine, knowing what is at the forefront and what is politically urgent. Dr. Goldberg shares his opinions on cancer treatment in the United States.