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An interview with Dr. William Davis by Acres U.S.A. magazine


William Davis, MD

William Davis, MD

William Davis, MD, is the bestselling author of Wheat Belly, a book that advances a radical idea. Davis believes that modern wheat, even the whole grain wheat touted as a cornerstone of good eating for decades, lies at the heart of many current health woes.

As he details in his book, Davis finds many of his patients recovering from obesity, type 2 diabetes, reflux disease and a host of other maladies after eliminating wheat products from their diet. Moreover, he says he can back up his experience with hard science.

Davis' arguments go beyond simple avoidance of gluten, and in fact he is a critic of the gluten-free trend, especially as it's being marketed by the food industry, ever quick to adapt to new consumer preferences. The tenets Davis advocates in his funny, forceful style also clash with an emerging consensus that emphasizes excessive consumption of fructose in combination with glucose — sugar — as the chief enemy of public health.

One thing that's certain is the novelty of the wheat varieties created in the wake of the Green Revolution of the 1960s, which Davis argues persuasively constitute something new under the sun where human health is concerned.

Read the full interview with Dr. William Davis by Chris Walters, reprinted from Acres U.S.A. magazine, April 2013.

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