Vaccination: In a Class All Its Own


Baby receiving his scheduled vaccine injection

Photo #13530 by Amanda Mills, 2011 / CDC Public Health Image Library

Baby receiving his scheduled vaccine injection

In the 1960s, children received many fewer vaccinations than children do in 2014. Today, if children receive all recommended vaccines, by six months of age they are injected with 69 vaccine antigens and many milligrams of chemicals; by kindergarten, they will be injected with 113 antigens and more chemicals. With the addition of annual flu shots, pertussis boosters and teen pre-college vaccines, a whopping 156 vaccine antigens will have been deposited into their system by the end from high school. Can that possibly be “safe” and “effective”?

The infant immune system is immature, but not absent. When drugs are given to babies and small children, they are dosed according to the weight of the child. Vaccination is the only medicine where a six-week-old baby and a 150-pound adult get the same dose. This is an absurdly dangerous practice. An adult’s exposure to 500 micrograms of aluminum in a hepatitis b shot or to 25 micrograms of mercury from the flu shot is bad enough, but giving a one-year old child, whose weight is one-tenth of an adult’s weight, the same dose should be malpractice, or worse.

The immune system of an infant confronts billions of organisms daily. If you have pets, crawling across the living room carpet exposes a baby to millions of microbes within minutes. Why do we have a particular fear of “vaccine preventable diseases”? Why are we terrorized at the thought of one of these infections? Your baby’s immune system responds to those bugs with defensive molecules in the mouth, nose, throat, bronchi and gut. Exposure does not equate to an instant infection. How many times have you been cut by a dirty knife or scraped with tool in the garage? Did each skin puncture result in an infection? Of course not.

Vaccines completely bypass the body’s first lines of defense and disrupt the body’s barrier to the world: The skin. The disruption starts a cascade that disrupts the integrity of the entire immune system. Vaccine solutions are injected under the skin or directly into the muscle with the intent of exposing the blood stream to viral or bacterial particles. This amazingly unscientific procedure is called “safe” and “effective.”

Catchy phrases such as “evidence-based medicine” and “science-based” lose meaning when it is realized the research articles are penned by scientists, physicians and researchers who are members of organizations with important (but meaningless) names, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Infectious Diseases Society of America. In addition, the vaccine manufacturers financially fund the research and pamper the researchers. They are given speaking fees, meals, conference fees, airline tickets, hotels, rental cars and much more funded by the Industry. And this doesn’t just occur in the US. Between July, 2007 and March, 2013, the Australian drug companies sponsored their doctors to attend 1,660 educational events in the US to the tune of $4.97M.

Check out their “Career Development and Funding Opportunities” and the “Research Awards” page of any drug company. Read the countless full color, glossy advertisements for vaccines and drugs found in the medical journals. Promoting science? Maybe. Unbiased science? Not even close.

In 2008, Dr. Bernadine Healy, the former head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has broken ranks with her fellow scientists in the discussion about vaccines causing, or at least increasing the incidence of, autism. Dr. Bernadine Healy is the most well-known medical voice yet to break with her colleagues on the vaccine-autism question. In an exclusive interview with CBS News, Healy said the question is still open.

The cumulative amount of aluminum in vaccines is vastly higher than it’s ever been before. Aluminum has been reported to damage human brain cells for decades. It is used as an adjuvant, or irritant, to allow the manufacturer to use less of the antigen itself. For example, an acellular pertussis vaccine now has less pertussis protein (pertactin) than before, but it has more aluminum.

In 2004, a presentation at the 1st International Neonatal Vaccination Conference in Washington DC suggested that giving the pertussis vaccination at birth, along with the hepatitis B vaccine, should be explored. Certainly, investigators and doctors are more concerned about antibodies than they are about potentially causing brain damage.

The drug companies have little interest in restoring health. Finding a cure would eliminate a profitable market sector. The company stock value would drop like a rock, adversely effecting shareholders, the national economy, and the annual salary/bonus of the conglomerate’s CEO.

The Industry’s greed appears to be the underpinning of the sad state of health in the US and around the world. Relatively inexpensive vaccines given at such a young age contribute heftily to the billions made from specialized tests and prescriptions of block bluster drugs used to treat epidemics of childhood asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, cancer, ADD/ADHD, and diabetes. An immune system gone amuck can lead to a pervasive number of illnesses associated with autoimmunity.

Vaccination is the only area of medicine where doctors consistently and fervently deny the existence – or even the possibility of - side effects. If the Ampicillin prescribed for a bladder infection caused a rash, diarrhea, and (the nearly inevitable) yeast infection, doctors apologize and correct the problem. If penicillin caused anaphylaxis, it would never be given again, and the patient would be advised to wear a medic-alert bracelet for protection. But when a parent calls to report screaming, listless infant with a high fever who just received six simultaneously administered vaccines, the doctor won’t even speak to the parent and the nurse tisks-tisks at their concerns, saying this is “normal” and not to worry.

Doctors tell parents before vaccinating that vaccines are safe, effective, protective and have no serious side effects. And when eczema, asthma, seizures, brain injury or even death occurs after vaccinating, doctors say any time-related association is coincidental, and absolutely, positively not related to vaccines. Even worse, doctors blame parents for giving their child “defective genes” that might have made the child susceptible to a “rare” reaction.

Children can – and do – get the illnesses which vaccines were designed to prevent. But the hundreds mumps, measles or pertussis cases and recoveries pales in comparison to millions of children damaged for a lifetime by the one-size-fits-all vaccination schedule.

Parents need to release their fear of measles. Talk to adults over 50 years old who had measles when they were kids. It wasn’t so bad – I know; I had measles, mumps and chickenpox all in same year as a third grader. I was sick for a couple of weeks but it passed. I attribute much of my robust adult health to the fact that my immune system experienced the Right of Passage, normal childhood illnesses when I was a child.

We are faced with a multi-generational indoctrination about the need for vaccines. Think of how difficult it was to convince the general population that the sun did not circumnavigate the earth. Or that the world was indeed round, not flat. Change is seldom easy, and letting go of a dogma we have trusted for 200 years is a difficult process for many. But when saving the integrity of humanity’s DNA is a stake, the decision should soon become crystal clear.

Immunization is a 200-year false-premise and vaccination is a 200-year, money-making mistake.

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