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The obesity epidemic is one of our country's most serious health problems. The rising obesity rates come with significant health consequences and cost, with more than one-quarter of health care costs now directly related to obesity. The impact of obesity is devastating, taking years off people's lives ... and life out of those years.

Turn the Tide Foundation was created to help combat obesity by developing, evaluating, and disseminating creative, yet practical programs that can be used in the real world, by real people, for free.

Turn the Tide Foundation is about action: using our funds to develop and implement empowering health promotion programming in places like homes, worksites and schools.

Using multiple strategies to combat obesity is akin to stacking sandbags against a flood-tide. No one sandbag, however well made, can stop a flood. But stack enough sandbags, and you have a formidable protective barrier. An array of thoughtful, practical and well-placed programs, such as those highlighted in our programs section (below) can help to Turn the Tide.

Turn the Tide's unique strengths

  • Dr. David L. Katz, founder and president of Turn the Tide Foundation, is a prominent and highly successful researcher in the fields of chronic disease prevention, health promotion, and weight control.
  • Dr. Katz is nationally recognized as an expert on obesity, preventive health, and nutrition. His position as ABC News Medical Consultant and columnist for the New York Times Syndicate provide him with unique reach and influence. Dr. Katz also serves as Editor-in-Chief of Childhood Obesity.
  • Our programs focus on providing practical and effective solutions to prevent obesity.
  • Superior resources are available to support Turn the Tide programs. Turn the Tide is affiliated with the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, one of 37 centers funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Our programs

A flood of factors in our daily lives contribute to the development of obesity. Like stacking sandbags in a levee to stop the flow of water, Turn the Tide Foundation creates programs to help stop the ravages of obesity. We believe there is no one simple answer or fix – what will work to reverse this growing trend of obesity is a range of programs designed to be used in a variety of settings – schools, worksites, homes, doctor's offices and more. Programs that are creative, yet simple to use, and programs that are available free of charge, so everyone can use them.

Programs currently available include:

ABC for Fitness© (Activity Bursts in the Classroom) program shows schools how to restructure physical activity into multiple, brief episodes of activity into classrooms throughout the day without taking away valuable time for classroom instruction.

A-B-E for Fitness (Activity Bursts Everywhere) offers a free video library of 3-8 minute activity bursts designed to help you move and exercise everywhere, everyday! The videos are organized by setting (office, home, waiting area) and the body region targeted, i.e. upper body, lower body.

The National Exchange for Weight Loss Resistance (NEWLR) is a web platform where people who are resistant to weight loss can exchange their experiences, tips, find support, and the latest and most reliable information about weight loss resistance. NEWLR offer a blog, a forum and a "Your Story" page. NEWLR is also a registry. The aim of the registry is to gather as much information as possible from individuals who experience weight loss resistance to better understand this condition.

Nutrition Detectives® "Teaching Kids to Make Healthy Choices" is an exciting nutrition education program for elementary school children that teaches kids to make healthy choices.

Nutrition Quality Labeling - The ONQI™ scoring system allows consumers to compare the nutritional quality of foods by giving each food a "nutrition quality score" that helps consumers see - at a glance - the nutritional value of the food they buy. The ONQI is the foundation for the NuVal food scoring system now available in grocery stores around the country. For more information visit the NuVal web site.

OWCH houses a state-of-the-art self-study program for clinicians in obesity/lifestyle counseling.

Promising Health Interventions Inventoried by a Network of Diverse Experts for Regional Application (PHINDER). In collaboration with the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Turn the Tide is pleased to make PHINDER, an online searchable database providing a clearinghouse of promising and best practice programs for health promotion/disease prevention in various settings, available to you.

Your help is needed!

Obesity is among the gravest and least adequately controlled health threats we face as a nation, bringing with it the menace of diabetes, heart disease, disability, and premature death. No one thing has caused epidemic obesity, and no one thing will fix it. We need a variety of strategies based on the best available science, and common sense. And we need them now.

How you can help

Your involvement and commitment is needed to provide the wherewithal to support Turn the Tide so that we can:

  • Expand our portfolio of programs and continue to offer them free of charge
  • Develop new programs
  • Improve your health and the health of your family
  • Stay informed – sign up for our newsletters
  • Volunteer and help us spread the word!

For additional information, please contact the Turn the Tide Foundation.

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