Treatment Centers


Photo courtesy of Viva Modern Mayr Medicine clinic, Copyright 2011

The Viva Modern Mayr Medicine clinic is located in the mountains near Klagenfurt-Worthersee in Maria Worth, Austria. The clinic provides care on an inpatient basis with patients staying in 40 units at the clinic.

FAIM visits treatment centers all over the world in search of innovative treatments for the benefit of all society. These clinics are located in Europe, Mexico and South America.

And For My Summer Vacation I Had an Operation in India

Many people are finding it is cost effective to travel abroad for medical care and procedures. FAIM takes a look at this alternative.

Soukya Wellness Center: A Case Study for Integrative Medicine

Soukya means "wellness" in Sanskrit which is the foundation of Dr. Mathai's Soukya Wellness Centre in Whitefield, India. It is an excellent case study for integrative medicine with a highly diverse staff who are trained in both Western and Eastern medical practices.

Peruvian Institute for the Study of Andean Phytotherapy (IPIFA), Peru

The Peruvian Institute for the Study of Andean Phytotherapy was created to scientifically study and valorize the incredible wealth of knowledge in Traditional Peruvian Medicine.

The Hilu Institute

Dr. Hilu's clinic states that the trauma of fighting cancer can be very discouraging and one needs to treat the person as a whole as “the body is not separate from the mind and the heart.” Dr. Hilu uses a variety of energy medicine devices in his protocols.

Bio Center Reckeweg

Dr. Augusto Pazán is the director of the Bio Center Reckewig in Ecuador. It is a small multiple physician clinic of natural and non-toxic therapies.

Paracelsus Clinic, Lustmuhle, Switzerland

The clinic proposes a medical paradigm based on non-toxic biological medicine that, not only identifies, but also eliminates the root causes of acute and chronic diseases including cancer.

Guamani Clinic, Quito, Ecuador

FAIM visited Dr. Medina and the Guamani Clinic, a government supported public health centre situated in the homonymous, low-income and very populated section of Quito, Ecuador. On the outside, this clinic seems like the typical public health facility. Inside we discovered that it offers an array of complementary and alternative medicine therapies including various herbal protocols.

Viva Modern Mayr Medicine, Maria Worth, Austria

Modern Mayr Medicine therapy at the clinic is based on the F. X. Mayr, M.D. (1875-1965) therapy for a healthy person. Dr. Mayr's work was about the link between digestion, intestinal health and overall health. According to Dr. Mayr, "The intestines are to man what the roots are to the plant. Only when these roots are kept in an optimal condition of nourishment and cleanliness, can the plant (man) itself thrive and remain healthy."

Dr. John Humiston, William Hitt Center, Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. John Humiston received his medical training in the military. He determined he could practice medicine more effectively in Mexico using alternative medicine and unconventional therapies. His treatments include herbal therapies which work synergistically with other protocols.