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Tim Brady

Tim Brady

Tim Brady is the Publisher of Be Well World, Inc., a holistic health print publication and practitioner consortium headquartered in Frederick, Maryland. Be Well World is dedicated to demystifying holistic health through grounded, credible public education and promoting practitioners with affordable, targeted advertising.

The Be Well World web site has over 1,000 pages of content and a practitioner directory. They may be reached at 301-663-0830.

Articles by Tim Brady

ABCs of GMOs

The ABCs of GMOs is a great start towards understanding genetic modification. For decades, agribusiness has heralded advances that later were found to be poisoning the masses. It may have started with Rachel Carson's exposure of the dangers of DDT in Silent Spring. From there, we have an unending list of chemical additives that the population has been subjected to, without any meaningful testing. Yet, the arrogance of mankind continues as we tinker with the genetic code. Together, it amounts to the American public being unknowing participants in the largest uncontrolled science experiment ever conducted.