Thornton Streeter

FAIM Asian Resource Coordinator


Thornton Streeter

Thornton Streeter, DSc

Dr. Thornton Streeter, DSc, is faculty head of the Zoroastrian College section of human biofield research and is appointed as a student thesis guide.

He is an official representative for AISBBS to the United Nations (ECOSOC) and special Advisor to the ICNM, the UK's leading authority on Complementary and Natural Medicine.

He is also Director of the Centre for Biofield Sciences, co-developer of the Biofield Viewer, and founder of the Energy Medicine Exchange.

Dr. Streeter has spent over twenty years specializing in research of the Human Biofield. He initiates Energy Centres worldwide, designed to integrate modern medicine with traditional understanding from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Dr. Streeter is one of the few certified trainers of Biofield Viewer (BV). He is also a qualified Electro Crystal Therapist (EleCT). Dr Streeter has overseen the development of a uniquely recognized and officially approved BV training program.

Dr. Streeter is a member of ISSSEEM, ACEP, ICNM and Fellow of World Association of Integrated Medicine.

For more information, visit the Centre for Biofield Sciences web site.