Thinking Outside the Box about Cancer

TED Talk video with Mina Bissell of the Bissell Laboratory


Image from Mina Bissell's TED Talk

Mina Bissell's groundbreaking research has proven that cancer cells are not the sole cause of cancer. Cancer cells interact with the surrounding cells and develop differently in different cellular microenvironments.

In her 2012 TED Talk, she explains her discoveries of how the extra cellular matrix of the cell is actually communicating with the DNA.

In a cancer scenerio in the laboratory there is no communication with the extra cellular matrix and the resulting motion depicts this. In cancer all organization within the cell is compromised and abnormal growth patterns result.

In her laboratory she was able to show, with a favorable microenvironment and a strong extracellular matrix, health was restored.

In cells, she says, "form and function interact dynamically and reciprocally."

To learn more, watch Mina Bissell's TED talk (below), read "Cancer in context: Mina Bissell at TEDGlobal 2012" on the TED Blog, or visit the Bissell Lab web site.

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