The Relevance of Tooth Issues


Image courtesy of The Thermogram Center, Inc.

Thermogram findings reveal a mild oral infection in an upper right front tooth previously missed by the dental hygienist.

Our eleven years of service experience at The Thermogram Center, Inc. of Colorado indicates that the most common and potentially life-threatening thermal finding observed with Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging isn't one suggestive of breast cancer, but instead: tooth issues / infection.

Many of you are already aware of the significant body of evidence showing the connection between dental and cardiac disease. Our mission is to support the proactive efforts of clients seeking to curb the development of potentially life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease and breast cancer with the early identification of potential risk factors, including occult dental / periodontal disease.

To help you visualize tooth issues / infections and their possible connectedness to such life-threatening events, I am providing you an 18-slide presentation you are welcome to view, print or present to help educate yourself, dentists, or those you care about regarding the potentially life threatening effects of undiagnosed dental illness and how Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging can help.

Included in its illustrations are:

  • TMJ and sinus
  • Hairline fracture invisible to x-ray --> tooth infection --> extraction
  • Root canal --> tooth infection --> heart attack?
  • Tooth infection --> breast cancer?
  • Wisdom teeth extraction --> tooth infection --> auto-immune disorder?
  • A lifetime without brushing teeth --> multiple tooth infections --> heart attack?

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