The Hilu Institute

Clinic Visit Summary

  • Founder and Director: Dr. Raymond Hilu
  • Location: Malaga, Spain
  • Date: May, 2008
  • Web site: Dr. Raymond Hilu
  • Site visitor: Ferdinando Pisani


Raymond Hilu, MD
Raymond Hilu, MD

The Clinic

The Hilu Institute is a hotbed of cutting edge diagnostic tools and non-toxic therapies to treat chronic degenerative diseases. Dr. Hilu is particularly renowned for treating all types of illnesses, especially chronic and rare diseases. In the clinic all staff members are trained in patient-care supportive counseling. When it comes to cancer patients, the clinic states that the trauma of fighting cancer can be very discouraging and one needs to treat the person as a whole as "the is body not separate from the mind and the heart."

Lebanese born, Dr. Hilu is a medical maverick. Being very studious, he finished high school barely a teenager and went on to graduate from medical school at age 20. Not being satisfied with his preparation, he went on to study and did not practice medicine for 14 more years. During this time he traveled the world to study directly under the tutelage of the developers of cutting edge methods and technologies. When finally he felt ready, with vision and comprehensive knowledge, he entered the medical profession with a one-of-a-kind set of skills. He developed a methodology that reflects the eclectic nature of a true explorer and lover of science. Dr. Hilu only uses approaches that are heavily endowed with scientific evidence.


The first step of his complex and individually tailored therapeutic approach is using high-resolution blood (HRB) analysis. This technique is basically a dark field that amplifies the blood up to 18,000 times. This is more than 10 times the usual amplification for analogous diagnosis done elsewhere. With this method, which was developed and perfected by Dr. Hilu, the patient can be completely assessed. Specifically, a weak or disturbed immune system, early aging symptoms, free-radical damage and heavy metal intoxication can be measured. Correctly diagnosing cancer and other acute or chronic illnesses can be accomplished.

Dr. Hilu is so versatile with this approach that he is able to determine the type of cancer a patient has just by studying the blood. He is also able to determine the nutritional deficiencies caused by an insufficient balance of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and essential fatty acids. He believes that these imbalances are a major cause of illnesses. Dr. Hilu is able to correct these imbalances with proper nutrition that achieves positive results in the treatment of cancer, as well as the other ailments. Some of these are arteriosclerosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, psoriasis, asthma, bronchitis, colitis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Crohn's disease, shingles, eczema, depression, lupus, immune deficiency syndromes, and acne.


After an in-depth and accurate diagnosis, Dr. Hilu starts a detoxification program. He is adamant about warning of the dangers of the world's toxicity. He explains that our bodies are being bombarded on a daily basis with hundreds of harmful chemical food additives, as well as air, water and land pollutants—pesticides, herbicides, anesthetics, cigarette smoke, aromatic hydrocarbons and so on. Dr. Hilu says that the effectiveness of many therapeutic approaches like flaxseed oil, herbs, diets, MSM, vitamin B-17 (as in apricot seeds) is vastly reduced when the body is toxic and not working at its optimum. In his middle eastern gentleness he illustrates this with the example of painting over rusty metal without first scraping away the rust which, he says, is a total waste of time. The Hilu Institute has developed a very effective 100 percent natural approach that gives a total body cleansing of the liver, gall bladder, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, circulatory system, intestines and lymph glands. Patients often experience an immediate feeling of well being.

In a cumulative successive phase, Dr. Hilu uses bioenergetic approaches to treat patients. Among the tools used are therapeutic machines that have been especially custom engineered for the Hilu Institute. Researched by Dr. Voll of Germany, they are based on principles that electromagnetic signals are transmitted along molecular chains of high molecular weight in the form of polarization waves. This process of propagation takes place in close conjunction with the Chinese acupuncture meridians. Accumulated toxins and other harmful substances stored in tissues can interrupt these paths, resulting in blockages. Because of their electrical conductivity, the acupuncture meridians can be traced and studied by resistance and capacitance measurements. These points can then be stimulated by the application of DC or AC test current. The bioelectronics behavior of the entire biological system, interlined as it is with the meridians, can be tested. Using this technique, the Hilu Institute can assess the success of each patient's treatment. This technology also helps to assess the effectiveness and correct use of homeopathic potencies, which are administered by a professional homeopath.

On Dr. Hilu's desk is a picture of Dr. Joanna Budwig of Germany, one of his most important mentors. Dr. Budwig developed a therapeutic protocol to treat cancer using essential fatty acids. Dr. Hilu believes that cells require polyunsaturated, electron-rich lipids. The first visible symptom of cancer is the separation of lipids from the surrounding tissue. Saturated, hydrogenated, chemically hardened fats actually act as chemical carcinogens. Dr. Hilu says when the phospholipids membranes are saturated with oxygen harmful bacteria cannot enter because bacteria and viruses simply cannot grow. Cancer patients often lack oxygen and manifest this by turning yellow. Essential fatty acids are called essential because they supply a rich oxygen environment. Essential fatty acids are at the heart of the Hilu Institute as backup treatments for cancer. Thus each patient is tested for insufficiencies that are corrected by special diets.

In his clinic Dr. Hilu uses an array of other methods. Among them are papimi, focused infrared rays, orthomolecular protocols, and a Swiss product made from bovine embryos. The Hilu Institute is a facility where there is a true integration of many effective treatments.

To learn more, visit Dr. Raymond Hilu's web site.