The Brazzini Institute: Autologous Stem Cell Therapy (ASCT) with Parkinson's Patients


Images courtesy of Brazzini Institute
Dr. Augusto Brazzini (left) and colleague

The Brazzini Institute is a radiology clinic situated in Lima, Peru. Founded by Dr. Augusto Brazzini, it has the intent to be a major reference for the vast array of medical procedures that need experienced and skilled radiology interventionists in Peru.

When reports of the successful applications of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy (ASCT) started becoming known, it just seemed natural to Dr. Brazzini that skilled radiologists would give an enormous contribution to the success of the therapy. This would be both in the extraction of stem cells from the bone marrow as wells as their delivery to the organs and parts needing regeneration.

Because different high caliber medical scientists already orbited the institute, Dr. Brazzini was able to gather them together into a multidisciplinary study group. In due time, using this pool of medical experts, the Brazzini Institute developed the skills to offer cutting edge ASCT to clients in Peru. The following videos are testimonies of the successful application of the therapy with Parkinson's patients.

Video of Brazzini Institute Patient SJ, 63 years old; more than one year with Parkinson's Disease.

Video of Brazzini Institute Patient LM, 53 years old, six years with Parkinson's Disease.

Video of Brazzini Institute Patient RL, 57 years old, eight years with Parkinson's Disease.