The Brave New World of Alternative Medicine

An Interview with Ferdinando Pisani Massamormile


Ferdinando Pisani Massamormile on cover of Quantum Health magazine
Cover of Quantum Health magazine (Issue 13).
"When we as a Foundation talk about a paradigm shift, we are talking about a shift toward a non-toxic kind of medicine." ~Ferdinando Pisani Massamormile

What's going on in the world of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)? Ferdinando is paid to know. He is an International Research Consultant for the private Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine, whose mission is to search the world for the most promising medical therapies, technologies and theories. If something of interest is happening in the world of CAM, then someone from the US-based FAIM will be there to evaluate the claims and report on them. In this issue of Quantum Health, Ferdinando tells us about some of the therapies FAIM has investigated and discusses the state of CAM in its wider scope.

The Foundation is trying to serve society, to help the world through this vision inspired by Berkley, but we understand that a radical idea is hard even to take into consideration. And so we are trying to do the homework for people and trying to create a system of evidence by which we can at least take something across to the other side of the table and say, 'Please look at this more seriously.' This process also helps us better understand what we are looking at.

~ Ferdinando Pisani Massamormile

Ferdinando Pisani Massamormile is the International Research Consultant for the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM).

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