The Bioelectromagnetics Society 30th Annual Meeting (BEMS)


Established in 1978, BEMS is an independent organization of biological and physical scientists, physicians and engineers interested in the interactions of non-ionizing radiation with biological systems. The mission of BEMS is to be the international resource for excellence in scientific research, knowledge and understanding of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems.

The Society's annual conference is the major meeting in bioelectromagnetics and offers participants numerous sessions, workshops and tutorials with platform and poster reports covering current scientific topics. Attendees also meet with other professionals in the field, in both formal and informal settings, to extend their network of scientific contacts.

The Society also co-sponsors symposia or workshops either alone or with other scientific or medical entities both national and international.

The official journal of the Society is Bioelectromagnetics, a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles on all aspects of the science of biological effects of electromagnetic fields.