The Annie Appleseed Project: 3rd Annual Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference


  • Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Dates: January 7-9, 2010
  • Speakers: Jack Taylor, Susan Luck, Darlene Gant, Patrick McGeever, Puja Thomson, Kristen Martinez, Michael Schachter, Michael McCulloch, Azad Rastegar, Walter Wainright, Sylvie Beljanski, Alan Cooper, Michele Sanz, Jim Roach, Ellen Kamhi, David Haase, Tony Jiminez, Katie Swedrock, Janet Roseman, George Love and Wanda Burch
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  • Attendee: Joanne Quinn


Joanne Quinn and Annie Fonfa

Annie Fonfa (right) founded the Annie Appleseed Project sponsoring this conference. She is a seventeen year survivor of breast cancer and used only alternative therapies to treat her disease. The Annie Appleseed Project web site covers all the aspects of cancer treatment, prevention and wellness. FAIM's Executive Director, Joanne Quinn, is on the left.

Jack Taylor, MS, DC, DACBN

Bio-ecology of Cancer: Nutritional Support for those Being Treated

Dr. Taylor prepares nutritional programs for cancer patients. Scientific medical research should be investigated in determining which treatment you choose. There can be deception in this research so one must look carefully at the data. Often these studies don't consider quality of life and side effects.

Three people who influenced Dr. Taylor were Dr. William Kelley, Dr. Johanna Budwig and Dr. Morgan Kratz.

Dr. Kelley worked with enzymes and metabolic typing. Blood chemistry is important to look at as well as metabolic typing. The key to this program is the use of metabolic enzymes. Enzymes are necessary for the body to process the food eaten and are necessary to clear debris from the blood stream. After the digestive tract clears, metabolic enzymes become important. It is important to identify the deficient organ systems and support them nutritionally for repair. The timing of taking enzymes is important. Sometimes they are taken with the meal, sometimes inbetween meals and occasionally during the night.

Dr. Budwig works with fat metabolism. Her principles are followed by highly respected practitioners.

Dr. Morgan Kratz used cellular detoxification. He was the first Ph.D. pharmacist to work with toxins and waste in the body. This is vital in repair and rebuilding. The individualized programs have food recommendations dependant on the deficient organ systems. The patient fills out a questionnaire, has a phone consultation and blood work done. From this a metabolic type is determined which helps with diet choice and program.

Their joint company web site is Biotor.

Susan Luck RN, MS, HNC, CCN

Eco-Nutrition: Nutritional and Environmental Influences

Susan Luck has started the EarthRose Institute. The combination of nutritional and hormonal insufficiencies, environmental exposures create disability and cancer. There are only a small number of women who have the gene that makes them high risk for breast cancer. The theory exists that these high risk women should not get mammograms, subjecting high risk tissue to radiation.

Epigenetic expression is a big issue. Factors influencing this are nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, radiation and electromagnetic fields, toxins, drugs, infectious agents, allergies, emotional stress, psychosocial and heavy metals. Environmental estrogens (xenoestrogens) in the environment are taken up by male and female organ systems. Estrogen metabolism is affected by obesity (fat cells store xenoestrogens), sleep deprivation (disrupts the endocrine system), etc.

Research shows that calorie restriction is connected to lower rates of cancer. Childhood obesity is a predictor of health in the future. Xenoestrogens are in food additives, pesticides, sunscreens, parabens, dioxins, tobacco smoke, metals, Bisphenol A (plastic bottles) and phthalates. There is a more vulnerable time during prenatal periods for the fetus to be exposed to these xenoestrogens, affecting future generations. Exposure from the above mentioned substances increase risk for the baby.

Become your own environmental detective. Look at what you are exposing yourself to through water consumption, polluted air and food intake to mention a few. Herbicides including atrazine, shows toxicity altering hormonal activity. Go to Pesticides including Round up are also toxic. Both of these are used liberally on golf courses, yards and in the production of the foods we eat when they are not organic.

Genotypical expression can be modified through nutrition. The gastrointestinal systems must start with enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach, digestive enzymes in the intestines, healthy gut wall, good elimination through the colon and kidneys and a well functioning liver. Eliminate toxic exposure, drink water, enhance elimination and maintain antioxidant reserves.

In the liver there are two detoxification phases of metabolism; Phase I and Phase II. Both phases must work adequately. In Phase I the estrogens are broken down. Phase II is conjugation with glucoronidation. In this phase the estrogens are broken down into a water soluble form that can be eliminated. Flavinoids, Vitamin Bs, Alpha Lipoic acid, glutathione all help this pathway. Silymarin (Milk thistle) is also very helpful. N Acetyl cysteine (NAC) helps with environmental toxicity bringing up the glutathione levels. High beta-glucoronidase impedes the Phase II efficiency. Helpful supplements: DIM, resveratrol, green tea, grape seed, rosemary, curcumin, sulphorophane, iodine, calcium D glucarate, lignans and probiotics.

Vitamin D can inhibit cell proliferation. 25(OH) D blood test can be run to determine Vitamin D levels. The speaker recommended levels above 60 even though the lower range is listed at 30.

Michael Schachter MD, CNS

Mushroom Wisdom: Powerful Adjunct Cancer Treatment

We are what we take in and do not eliminate. If diagnosed with cancer, proper nutrition is helpful in all aspects, influencing disease outcome and prevention of recurrence.

Deterioration of the soils and increase in exposure to toxic chemicals plays a big part in disease and cancer. Medications deplete the body of nutrients. Mushrooms are the fruiting body of the fungus. They have no chlorophyll and are not plants or animals. Mold and yeast are in the mushroom family. There are 100,000 varieties of mushrooms with 50 being medicinal. White Button, Sun Mushroom, Caterpillar, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Dancing, Lion's Mane, Shitake, Meshima and Silver Ear are healing mushrooms. The possible anti-cancer mechanisms of mushrooms include programmed cell death, immune enhancement, stimulation of natural killer cells and reduced new blood vessel formation in cancer tumors. One theory states that cancer could be a wound that just doesn't heal. One approach is to create an optimum healing environment so the wound can heal.

Metabolic syndrome (diabetes 2) predisposes the body to cancer. It affects gene manifestations. Symptoms include insulin resistance, central obesity, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol. It is a health destroyer. If you eat too much sugar, the receptors on the cells that use insulin to get the sugar into the cell become resistant. With the sugar unable to enter the cell, blood sugar increases.

There are many disruptions within the body with high blood sugar. The insulin is still produced but cannot be used so it floods the body and causes a pro-inflammatory state stimulating cancer and degenerative processes. Treatment involves changing life style, supplements, exercise, stress management and eating a diet high in whole raw plant based food. Visit Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.

Some people use high quality animal foods as well. Maitake mushrooms, sometimes called the Dancing Mushrooms, help with this. In mice, the Maitake lowers blood sugar and lowers insulin production. Maitake SX has an effect on blood pressure with people who have metabolic syndrome. Women with metabolic syndrome often suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) with cysts in the ovaries. The Maitake study helped regulate this condition. For cancer patients Maitake D has beta-glucans. It activates the immune system but doesn't over activate it so it is probably safe for people with auto-immune diseases. Using Vitamin C with Maitake is very synergistic. It is necessary to take about 1000 mg of Vitamin C and Maitake D at a 60 ug dosage according to the speaker. Maitake Magic is a very helpful book to use as a resource.

The Meshima mushroom is used for breast cancer. Lion's Mane mushroom has brain enhancing powers and is a potent antioxidant. It regenerates brain cells by stimulating Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). It protects against neuronal cell death, improves memory, stimulates muscle coordination and enhances the immune system. NGF stimulates nerve repair. Hericenones in the mushroom cross the blood brain barrier so this is a potential approach for Alzheimer's. Studies show Amylobean in the mushroom also helps with Alzheimer's.

Medicinal mushrooms support all body systems. All people are different regarding Candida and taking molds and fungus in the form of mushrooms. The general suggestion is to try it and see if there is a problem with taking the mushroom. Sensitivity to mold may or may not mean mushrooms are contraindicated. Medicinal mushrooms, in general, up regulate the TH1 side of the immune system.

Michael McCulloch Lac, MPH, PhD

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for Cancer

Dr. McCullock has formed the Pine Street Foundation and does research on CAM protocols. They have a project with dogs detecting cancer, Chinese medicine with chemo therapy, meta-analysis and computer assisted pulse diagnosis. Curcumin and boswellia (frankincense) are examples of influences from India on Chinese medicine.

Using anti-oxidants along with chemotherapy can be helpful. During a chemotherapy cycle, on days 1-3 the goal is to enhance circulation and relax muscle tension by walking, meditation and supplements. On days 4-11 you can help cleanse the lymphatic system and help the body detoxify. On days 12- until the next round the goal is to help rebuild the immune system and prepare the liver, kidneys and bone marrow for the next round. Certain chemotherapy cycles work better depending on the time of day of delivery, age of the person and their activities.

Dr. McCullock's Pine Street Foundation has the research documents showing the benefits of anti-oxidants. They have done retrospective reviews of clinical trials on various uses of Chinese herbs and chemotherapy. As an example, Astragalus in the treatment of lung cancer along with platinum-based chemotherapy was reviewed. There are good examples that show combining alternative protocols with chemotherapy were in some cases five times more effective.

The foundation also looked at combining alternative therapies with chemo in colon cancer. Antioxidants are used between rounds of chemo with the most efficacy. These patients continued to use alternative treatments after the chemo was finished and here was where they found a much higher survival rate. Supplements are given in three stages during the chemo cycle. The foundation has a chart on what supplements to use at each stage. This entire chart can be seen on their web site. Supplements include Propolis (rain forest propolis without heavy metal residue - Beehive Botanicals is very ethical), royal jelly, Cordycepts sinensis, folic acid, L- Theanine (green tea), N- acetyl cystine, CoQ10, resveratrol, Inositol hexphosphate, curcumin, thymic protein, omega 3, colostrums/whey and lactobacillus.

It is good to change things up a bit and not do everything continually when it comes to supplements. Pine Street Foundation has found in lung and colon cancer that conventional and alternative therapies used together were the most effective. Conventional only and alternative only had about the same outcome.

Dogs can be used to diagnose cancer. At the Pine Street Clinic dogs are between 88 and 100% accurate on breast cancer and lung cancer.

In looking for a Chinese medicine practitioner to work with look at where they were trained. It helps if the training includes an effort in understanding allopathic medicine. Secondly, their experience is important: how many years in practice, numbers of cancer patients, how many patients with a specific cell type cancer. On the herbal side, it is important that the herbs are high quality and pure. Good manufacturers will provide this information. Mayway and KPC in Taiwan are used by the foundation.

Azad Rastegar and Dr. Greg Burzynski

Gene-Targeted Cancer Therapies at the Burzynski Clinic

Genetic testing helps determine the right medicine for the individual patient based on the small genetic variations that can be measured. The Epigenome can change according to life style and diet. Influences don't alter the genes, but affect the expression of the gene. The epigenome is in charge of silencing a gene, activating a gene or over stimulating the expression. It explains the mechanisms of aging, autoimmune, mental illness, etc. It is very complex but probably is the root cause for many diseases. RNAi has several impacts; silencing gene expression, Chromatin remodeling and DNA Methylation binding methyl groups to the genes promoter region.

Antineoplastons are peptides, amino acid derivatives and carboxylic acids. They only attach to malignant cells and not healthy tissues. The peptides were harvested from blood and urine but are now synthetically prepared. They decrease the activity of oncogenes and increase the activity of tumor suppressor genes. Current they can only be administered in an FDA supervised clinical trial for brain and adrenal cancer where you get antineoplastons through intravenous delivery. If you do not qualify you can ask for an FDA Compassionate Exemption.

For cancer, in general, Dr. Burzinski creates and individualizes treatment plan. A special gene blood test is performed. The blood test is analyzed to determine which gene is causing the malignancy. The right gene-targeted medication is used to correct the misbehaved gene. The result is faster/better results with minimum side effects.

He uses Phenylbutyrate (PB) when the patient cannot qualify for antineoplaston therapy - which is changed in the liver to antineoplastons. This PB is used in conjunction with other treatments. They use gene targeted chemotherapy. The mechanism of action is studied to determine which ones to use along with the PB. They treat over 70 different types of cancer. For people who cannot qualify for the best treatment, this therapy can be obtained in Japan. On the private practice side, the treatment is for 2-3 weeks. The fees are on consultation fees. Beyond that the treatment fees depend on how complex the treatment requirements are.

Gene silencing theory of aging is also one of their projects. As we age the gene expression weakens and turns off. Over time the gene promoter region becomes fully methylated, it becomes silenced and stops a particular protein synthesis. This example can be seen easily when the hair follicle can no longer produce color and the hair becomes gray/white. There are visual signs like loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and loss of muscle mass. Internally we have weakened immune system, hormone changes, lack of energy, decrease in metabolism and the loss of ability to fight cancer.

As you age certain genes become more excited, the most detrimental are the oncogenes (cancer genes). The prime age for gene health is 24-25 years. In old age many genes are silenced including tumor suppressing genes. The good news is that gene expression is only contained, not destroyed. There are possibilities of modestly controlling this silencing pattern and demethylating the sequence promoting reactivation of gene expression. There are adjustable variables like not smoking, decreasing alcohol consumption, avoiding chemical and radiation exposure, eating less, exercising, getting enough sleep, reducing stress and being happy and using supplements.

History teaches us that the Kings of the past used honey products. Royal jelly has a high concentration of Phenylacetylglutamine (PG) and Phenylbutyrate (PB). Dr. Burzynski found that skin improved with the PB treatment for cancer. He put all of this information together and realized that PB not only works on cancer but has an incredible impact on the aging process. There is a common biology of cancer and ageing. He developed supplements to slow general aging. His brain formula has curcumin, piperine and PG and the cream and lotion is for the skin. Aminocare Products is the latest division of the Burzynski Clinic.

Michele Sanz

Iscador: Mistletoe

Michele received Iscador treatment at a Switzerland clinic. This is a mistletoe product. She credits the Iscador for her survival. It is Europe's number one prescribed complementary cancer treatment. There have been many studies, 88 years of clinical experience and ongoing clinical studies that confirm safety and effectiveness. Conventional studies are difficult since there are many active ingredients. This is the treatment that Suzanne Somers uses.

Mistletoe has a long history of being a healing plant. It has been used for atherosclerosis, asthma, high blood pressure and headaches. Today there are homeopathic forms of mistletoe for migraines and vertigo sciatica, as well.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner gave it his blessing as a remedy for cancer. In nature it is semi parasitic as it grows on different trees and nourishes itself from the host tree similar to cancer. The one used for cancer is Viscum album, the white mistletoe. The constituents include viscotoxins, lectins, flavonoids, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. The leaves are harvested in the summer and the berries are harvested in the winter. It is then taken to a laboratory in Switzerland. The leaves/berries are pressed and then fermented, extracted, pressed, filtered and bottled as tinctures. Winter and summer juices are mixed twice a year in a special machine. It is then put into ampoules under sterile conditions. The treatment is a subdermal injection.

There are three different types of mistletoe depending on whether it grew on an apple, oak or pine tree . Each treats certain cancers. Some is used as a preventative, for malignant tumors and for diagnosed pre-cancerous conditions.

Research shows the increase of survival is 40% with the use of Iscador with no major side effects. It offers an increased tolerance of chemo and radiation's adverse side effects. It relieves tumor pain, improves sleep and general well being. The most typical reaction is inflammation at the site of injection and increase in temperature to 100.4 degrees F. This is a desired reaction as it shows the body is responding and shows it is the appropriate dose to use. It is contraindicated if there is a known allergy to mistletoe, active tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism and with brain and spinal tumors. Iscador showed reduced treatment associated symptoms.

Research shows benefit for pancreatic cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer and others. It did not show a cure, but did show increased quality of life benefits. Patients feel empowered with this treatment addition. Often it is part of a regimen with baths, massages, movement, music, color/light, biography work, meditation, visualization and nutritional recommendations. It is compatible with other complementary treatments. Patients who have a life threatening condition and are under a doctor's care can order the foreign medicine with a doctor's prescription. It is used after conventional treatment. For more information go to the Iscador web site.

James Roach, MD

Wholistic Oncology Utilizing ETMS Eclectic Triphasic Medical System

The goal of ETMS is to increase the vitality of the cancer patient through botanicals addressing the kidney, lung, liver, emotions and so on. Tonics and adaptogens are used for this purpose. Pharmaceutical medicine tends to shut down functions where as botanicals enhance body function.

Adaptagens are the foundation for immunological support for the cancer patient. Adaptogens have the ability to bring the body back to balance regardless of the imbalance. When a person has the diagnosis of cancer, it is vital the patient be strong before having surgery. ETMS looks at molecular biomarkers so the protocols can be individualized. Nutrition and emotional peace are the basis. Herbal Medicine Healing in Cancer is a highly recommended book.

Don Yance, Ashland, Oregon has developed many of the Chinese herbal formulas which Dr. Roach uses. Research shows it is advantageous for the patient to use anti-oxidant supplements and an herbal regiment along with chemotherapy. Inflammation triggers cancer and cancer promotes inflammation so it becomes a vicous cycle. Anti-oxidants help reverse this cycle. Schisandra and CoQ10 (ubiquinol form is easier to convert in the body) are effective in cancer treatment.

Sugar and insulin (insulin resistence) create inflammation so this should be monitored with all cancer patients. Enzymes, fish oil, grape seed, curcumin (turmeric), resveratrol, boswellia, white willow bark, propolis, sage, baicalein, quercetin all modulate inflammation. Boswellia also addresses asthma and can cross the blood/brain barrier so it helps with brain tumors. It is effective with prostate cancer according to the speaker. Rosemary, ginkgo, magnolia bark, reishi and chaga (mushrooms), green tea, milk thistle, forskolin (thyroid cancer benefit), fish oil and ginger suppresses various cancers. Chaga is especially helpful with melanoma. He has found that botanicals with Herceptin are very effective.

Vitamin D is vital in the treatment of cancer. It works on 200 different genes and is particularly important in hormone related cancers. It is also helpful with Alzheimer's. It promotes glutathione levels in the brain and promotes neuron branching in the brain. It is important to assess copper levels as it promotes growth of blood vessels in tumors.

Zinc is the counter balance to copper so it is good to keep zinc levels up. Look at blood markers including a CBC, liver markers alk phos, albumin/creatine kinase, fibrinogen, homocysteine (monitor estrogen metabolism), leptin, morning cortisol, thyroid panel, platelets, LDH (especially with tumor necrosis creating acidity), etc. You can follow blood markers rather than doing scans which have radiation. In hormone related cancers, like prostate, it is the di-hydro testosterone that is the problem. Look at PAP for this. Melanoma is a hormone cancer so monitor estrogens.

Basically, look to vitalization and then chemo. For additional information the Midway Center for Integrative Medicine and the Mederi Foundation.

Dr. Ellen Kamhi

Nutrition, Foods, Herbs and Supplements with Proven Cancer Prevention Properties

Dr. Kamhi travels the world and finds indigenous curing protocols. It is a blessing to be able to eat healthy food, have healthy thoughts, exercise and be grateful. Breast and colon cancer occur 30 times more often in the United States than in areas such as Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Foods can fight back cancer: Cancer development is not usually rapid. There are stages involved. Long before tumor formation free radicals damage DNA. You can counter this with antioxidants, green tea, tomatoes, kiwi, citrus, avocado, sesame seeds, almonds, carrots, kale and yellow veggies.

Love your liver. The liver has two detoxification phases: Phase I breaks down the toxic substances and Phase II conjugates toxic breakdown products into more easily excreted substances. If you have too many Phase I enzymes and too few Pase II enzymes, pathological detoxification occurs which leads to increased cell breakdown and cancer risk.

Never eat Benzoates which break down into benzene which is a carcinogen. This is found in supplements so beware.

Foods that fight back against cancer include Purselane which has very high levels of omega 3. You can also use flax seeds, chia seeds or fatty fish. Once you have progression of cancer resveratrol and curcumin are effective. Many supplements on the market have Japanese knot weed labeled as resrveratrol. Curcumin (turmeric) has some negative effect as it can be abortive but in general it is quite safe.

The worst foods to eat are fried food, heterocyclic amines (charred and barbecued meats) and chemical laden foods with dyes and preservatives.

Cancer prevention includes Vitamins A, C and E. Harvard did a study with 72,000 people showing that a diet of fruits and vegetables lowered the risk for disease. If a person really wants to eat animal products, a serving the size of your palm three times a week is okay. People eating a vegan diet must add methionine, carnitine and B12. With supplements, read all the ingredients. With Vitamin E you do not want L-tocopheral. Magnesium stearate is a hydrogenated formula which you do not want (similar to Crisco). Flaxseed oil must be organic. Vitamin D must not be mixed with bad oils like GMO soy oil. Look for food based supplements.

Drug Nutrient Depletion is a book which lists what nutrients are depleted by drugs, especially chemotherapy drugs. Many times the cancer occurred from a nutritional deficiency so this makes matters even worse upon starting chemo therapy. Often doctors will tell you that you should not supplement with nutrients, but research shows they are helpful so it is important to research it. If you do not have all the methylating agents you may need take L-methylfolate rather than folic acid. Get tested to see your patterns.

Good books include: Breast Cancer Prevention Diet by Dr. Arnot, Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillan. Stress reduction is vital with an overall nutritional program. Dr. Kamhi formulates supplements for Nature's Answer. She eats mostly organic raw and steamed foods and some organic animal products a couple of times a week. Her web site is The Natural Nurse.

David Haase, MD

Why, When, How, Benefits and Costs of Finding and Addressing Cancer in the Pre-anatomic Phase

Dr. Haase recommends the book Mistakes were Made (but not by me) by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson. We all have our bias with information we receive. The more specialized you are the greater your bias, but in the world of new science and information it is important to be open minded about new data.

The best approach to cancer is prevention, catch it early, slow stop and reverse tumor growth. There are stages, pre-anatomic, then physiological detection (something brewing) and finally anatomical detection (a mass). In reference to breast cancer Dr. Haase recommends thermograms for breast health. He thinks this should be done annually. AFLAC health policies have a reimbursement for this but other policies do not.

He also recommends Life Over Cancer by Keith Block. Dr. Block says the challenges are to reduce tumor growth and spread, reduce tumor bulk, improve treatment response, optimize daily functioning and reduce risk of life threatening side effects.

Dr. Haase's clinic has a two prong approach to improve global body function and to monitor and treat pre-anatomic signals. He looks at oxidation, glycemia, inflammation, toxin exposure, immunity, coagulation, stress and hormones. Oxidation, (when a fat is burned it is oxidized) blunts the ability to kill off cells and causes fatigue. As a result, in the micro environment around the tumor, you will have more DNA damage, promote vessel development and enhance the tumor.

Insulin is the most inflammatory substance in the body. Tumors are gluttons for glucose. As a result diabetics are prone to colon, breast, liver, pancreas and prostate cancers. TNF alpha (Tumor necrosis factor alpha) is a marker for inflammation along with CRP, fibrinogen ESR and homosysteine. Additional lab tests include AMAS: Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum. This test only has a 59% sensitivity so it is not spectacular even though companies of the test report a 99% sensitivity. Onko-Sure is a generalized tumor marker and is now being delisted from the NYSE in January. It is approved in the United States for colon cancer survelance. However, the test: Circulating Tumor Cells is an amazing advance. A large amount of blood is exposed to an anti-body that is based on your tumor to see how many tumor cells are present. Dr. Haase feels this is very effective.

On the horizon are new markers. There are a lot of false positive results and false negatives on tumor marker tests so be careful of how much you rely on these. They are helpful in tracking trends, however, and should be taken yearly. Life Extension does direct to consumer testing as does Direct Labs. He is recommending three panels he is going to develop through his laboratory which can be ordered through the Appleseed Project website. These will be available by the end of January, 2010. Go to the Annie Appleseed Project web site.

Tony Jiminez

SonoPhoto Dynamic Therapy

Cancer is uncontrolled cell growth, anaerobic metabolism, opportunisic process, inflammation, insulin and sugar imbalance. He recommended the book Vibrational Medicine by Gerber.

For a disease process to start, it happens at the electrical level, then chemical level and finally at the physical level. It is best to address cancer at a cell level. The seven principles are: non-toxic cancer fighting agents, enhance the immune system, use full spectrum nutrition, detoxify, eliminate pathogens and microbes, oxygenate and support spiritual and emotional integrity of the patient.

Non-toxic fighting agents include enhanced enzyme therapy, indiba hyperthermia, poly-MVA, laetrile and IV Vitamin C. At Dr. Jiminez's hospital, Hope4Cancer, 70% of the stage IV cancer patients live five times beyond expected prognosis and 30% experience total remission.

His clinic is in Tijuana, Mexico. To enhance and optimize the immune system they use immune modulation therapy, biological vaccines from urine, immune imagery and Immune Power (Maitake, Astralagus and Magnesium), full spectrum nutrition and Kangen water. Detoxification includes coffee enemas (organic and unroasted from SA Wilson in Ontario, Canada), near infrared sauna (not far infrared) , chelation therapy and juice fasting. Elimination of pathogens includes using anti-microbial therapy, sono-photo dynamic therapy, parasite cleansing, and full spectrum nutrition. Oxygenation involves using intravenous ozone, ozonated water, and stabilized liquid oxygen.

Spiritual and emotional integrity is addressed using German New Medicine looking for traumas and conflict to help them heal. This part is vital. Left breast cancer is related to a male relationships. Right breast cancer is related to a mother/daughter relationhip as an example of emotions.

Diagnostics include Q 1000 Laser and the Ondamed, near infrared lamp (250 w bulb from Home Depot), biological dentistry and use the EIS Tech. Root canals and amalgam fillings are key issues in cancer. To detox these patients must remove root canal teeth. He finds that root canals and breast implants are obstacles to cure in cancer.

Photo-dynamic therapy is the use of a photo-sensitizer in malignant tissues and the subsequent irradiation with a laser light. It is approved for esophagus, stomach and skin cancer by the FDA in the United States. Porphyrins (SP-Activate) are given sublingually (under the tongue) and are drawn into the malignant cells. A specific dose based on weight is given. After 24 hours normal cells release the substance but the cancer cells retain it. The patient (in a tub) is exposed to light and sound of a specific frequency which promotes apoptosis (death of the cancer cell). These dead cells are removed by the body through elimination pathways. It can also be directly applied to the area in the cases of colon, prostate and cervical cancers. Combining the photo and the sono (sound) is the trick to get to deep tumors. There are three clinics who do this. One in China, one in England and the Hope clinic in Mexico. This is a very safe therapy. It cannot be given concurrently with chemo therapy. They wait two weeks post chemo to start this therapy. This is a therapy that people can continue to do at home.

There are three phases to Hope's program: therapeutic, transition and life long maintenance. They have developed Renova which reduces IFG-1. It is a transdermal product which is important for hormone derived cancers. He has written a book There is Hope 4 Cancer. Visit his web sites, Hope4Cancer Institute and Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy or contact him at or 1-888-544-5993.