Sustainable Agriculture


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In search of protocols to promote a healthy world, FAIM is constantly reminded of the importance of nutrient rich foods which can only come from soils high in minerals. The world is as healthy as the food it can consume.

FAIM investigates agricultural methods to help replenish the soil and create nutrient dense foods. There are several organizations which stand out when it comes to reclamation and successful farming practices. Soil stewards of the world can now replenish major minerals, micro nutrients and trace elements needed for microorganisms, plants, animals, and humans to sustain optimum biological life.

The Miracle of Remineralization

Because we have now completely exhausted the natural stores of rock dust in our top soils, we see chronic degenerative diseases on the rise. Rock dust represents the fullest spectrum of smallest sized mineral particles available to the entry level food chain. These minerals are essential for nutrition and wellness. The food chain supported by this operates as a gigantic "carbon sink" which is vital for our planet to address climate change.

FDA Proposing Rules That Could Cripple Small Scale Farms

The FDA is proposing rules that would make it very easy for the agency to force even small-scale farmers to comply with the onerous FSMA regulations, and all but impossible for these vulnerable farmers to protect themselves.

In practical terms, under the agency's proposed rules, the FDA will be able to target small farms and food producers one-by-one and put them out of business, with little to no recourse for the farmers.

Please sign on to a joint letter by December 12, 2014 to tell FDA to implement the Tester-Hagan exemption fairly!

Preserving our Heritage

The Seed Savers Exchange in Iowa is collecting, storing and distributing seeds for about 26,000 varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plants grown decades ago. The nonprofit's mission is to conserve America's culturally diverse but endangered food crop heritage for future generations.

Acres Conference

Research supported by organizations like Acres USA supports the idea that human health begins with the soil. Good soil spawns nutrient-rich plant foods and healthy livestock products leading to a balanced healthy diet and a balanced healthy person.

The Core of ECHO

ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization located on a demonstration farm in North Fort Myers, FL. ECHO exists primarily to help people working internationally with the poor be more effective, especially in the area of agriculture by offering education, training, seeds, and networking.

Remineralizing Soils for Optimum Elemental Balance

Remineralization of agricultural land, garden soils and the creation of nutrient dense food with 90-plus minerals is the goal of lifelong advocate of sustainable organic food production, Robert Cain who learned the technology called Sea Energy Agriculture from Maynard Murray, MD.