Dr. Louie Yu

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Dr. Louie Yu

Dr. Louie Yu

Just like professional football teams are constantly on the scout for talented players, the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) is continually on the lookout for true talent in the art of healing. When such people are encountered, FAIM is almost a nuisance in interviewing and debriefing such individuals to learn as much as possible. Such interviews usually lead FAIM to find novel therapies. Frequently, they lead to other fascinating individuals who, in a kind of perpetual chain of contacts, results in a succession of disseminated precious knowledge that FAIM avidly pursues in different places around the globe.

One of these people is Dr. Louie Yu who we met at a European medical conference. A descendant of long lineages of traditional Chinese and Korean healers, Dr. Yu pursued an eclectic and singular education through apprenticeships with renowned scientists and doctors in different countries. After spending years collecting gems of experience and knowledge, Dr. Yu was able to fuse it all into a coherent therapeutic system that he applies to his clients. Obviously having a talent as an inventor, Dr. Yu has developed a series of patented orthomolecular products and supplements that he administers orally and through intravenous drips. In tandem, he applies an advanced form of ozone therapy that is administered through a proprietary machine. And if that were not enough, he conjures a whole series of complementary therapies that go from homeopathic remedies to special physical manipulation. He now applies, in his foreign clinics in Tijuana, Mexico, stem cell therapy that he promises has remarkable regenerative power.

Dr. Louie Yu's contact information:

18455 Burbank Blvd #110
Tarzana, California 91356


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