Stem Cells


Image from Mastering Stem Cells by Peggy Goodell at NIH

Hematopoetic stem cells (HSC) adult stem cells (pictured here) manufacture all blood cells (red and white). They are found mostly in bone marrow and replenish sick and dying blood cells.

FAIM supports the use of Autologous Adult Stem Cells. These therapies take the patient's own stem cells from, for example, bone marrow, fat or synovial fluid and reintroduce them back into the patient. It is another frontier in science that can revolutionize medicine.

Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide

From industry leaders, sport stars, and Hollywood icons to thousands of everyday, ordinary people, patients are experiencing health transformations with stem cells that mainstream medicine was unable to achieve. Many of them had lost all hope. These are their stories.

Parkinson's Disease: What Works, What Doesn't

With the help of stem cells, hyperbaric oxygen, glutathione and life style changes, patients with Parkinson's can often slow disease progression, improve function, and enhance overall health.

Regenerative Medicine: Lasting Pain Relief With Stem Cells, PRP, and Prolotherapy

Stem cell therapy is the most promising and versatile treatment in medicine today. These unique cells have the ability to differentiate, or change into several cell types and help regenerate and repair diseased or damaged areas of the body. New technologies, which make it possible to use patients’ own stem cells, eliminate all ethical and safety concerns and have opened the door to widespread use.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Can allogeneic stem cells help patients suffering from Lupus? Dr. Neil Riordan reports on the work of Dr. Sun at Nanjing (China) University Medical School who found significant improvement and survival using stem cells.

Why Can't We Use Our Own Stem Cells to Heal Our Bodies?

Today the discovery of the body's own repair and regeneration system – autologous adult stem cells – represents an incredible discovery. However, the FDA is keeping this life saving treatment, which is being used in many other countries around the world, from the American public. Read about how this has happened, what can be done, and the incredible savings it would bring to the healthcare system.

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Issues

Dr. Centeno reports success with stem cell injections as a viable alternative to surgery for many orthopedic patients.

Texas State Medical Board Votes to Allow the Use of Stem Cells

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) voted 11-4 on April 13, 2012 to pass a new rule (Chapter 198) that allows physicians to use stem cells under the practice of medicine, that are not FDA approved, as long as certain conditions are met.

The Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Orthopedics

Dr. Christopher Centeno has written a chapter on "The Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Orthopedics" in Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 1.

Cabell Brand Supports Autologous Stem-Cell Therapy for Serious Illness

Cabell Brand is passionate about getting oversight of autologous stem-cell therapy where it belongs, with individual state medical boards, since the procedure is actually the practice of medicine. The therapy, which involves using a patient's own stem cells, or regenerative cells, for healing, shows promise for quickly helping people with a range of serious, life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

Vetting Stem Cell Therapies

Dr. Christopher Centeno, stem cell expert, helps the reader assess stem cell clinics. He answers questions regarding stem cell sources and types, processing stem cells, and delivery methods. A link listing global clinics which have been surveyed by the International Cell Medicine Society (ICMS) is included.

The Brazzini Institute: Autologous Stem Cell Therapy (ASCT) with Parkinson's Patients

The Brazzini Institute, a radiology clinic in Lima, Peru, shares videos showing the successful applications of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy (ASCT) with Parkinson's patients.

Autologous Adult Stem Cell Meeting, Dallas, Texas

FAIM attended a meeting to discuss the potential use of autologous adult stem cells.

Visit with Dr. Neil Riordan

Dr. Riordan is a proponent of autologous adult stem cells which are derived from such sources as adipose tissue, blood and bone marrow.

Visit with Dr. Jorge Tuma

Dr. Tuma is a pioneer in the use of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy (ASCT).

Stem Cell Pioneers Forum Offers Research, Experience, Hope

The Stem Cell Pioneers Forum is the largest patient moderated forum for stem cell discussion and support for those who have had treatment and those thinking of having treatment.

Visit with Dr. Louie Yu

Dr. Yu is a descendant from long lineages of traditional Chinese and Korean healers. His protocols are based on orthomolecular medicine.

International Cell Medicine Society (ICMS) Autologous Adult Stem Cell Seminar

The International Cell Medicine Society is a group of physicians, researchers and scientists interested and involved in the use of autologous adult stem cells (A-ASC). Presentations were made on the use of A-ASC in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, cardiovascular disease, peripheral artery disease, orthopedic applications and diabetes type 1.