Remembering Elinor Bedell


Elinor Bedell
Elinor Bedell

It is with great sorrow that we report the passing of Elinor Bedell. She was instrumental in the creation of the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine in 1998. She passed peacefully at home on March 2, 2017 just one week shy of her 94th birthday.

Her life was a testimonial that alternative medicine can be the key to a long and healthy life. Throughout her life she opted for the alternative approach to any health issue that crossed her path. Elinor benefited from using EECP, several frequency therapies, acupuncture, chiropractic, Brain Gym, chakra techniques, oriental medicine, herbs and supplements, a healthy diet, and kinesiology.

In addition she enjoyed a daily walk, had a positive attitude and constant smile, was a kind and gentle soul, and shared the gift of compassion for everyone she knew. She is missed and will always be remembered.

Memorial gifts may be given in Elinor's name to the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine, PO Box 2860, Loveland, CO 80539 or via the online donation form.

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Dr. Joanne Quinn

Executive Director of the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Joanne has an extensive background in science with a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. She has studied both allopathic and alternative approaches to health care, studying alternative therapies since 1989. These include Neurotransmitters and Brain Chemistry with Apex, Iridology with Bernard Jensen, Rayid with Dennis Johnson, Dark Field Microscopy with GastonRead more