Peggy Sarlin's Awakening from Alzheimer's interview with Dr. Patricia Gerbarg and Dr. Richard Brown


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Rhodiola rosea (pl. różeniec górski), habitat: Tatra Mountains, Dolina Tomanowa

Dr. Gerbarg traditionally does SPECT scans of the brain to see if there is inflammation of the blood vessels. She began her investigation of treatments for dementia when she was stricken with Lyme disease, suffering debilitating memory loss. She found very little help from nine months of antibiotic.

The first key that opened the door for her was Rhodiola Rosia. After only ten days on Rhodiola she began to see improvement. The particular Rhodiola she uses is an ancient medicinal herb from Greece that was studied extensively in Russia. It grows in cold regions at high altitude and is sometimes called Kingly herb. The roots have bioactive compounds to help cells produce energy.

It is considered an adaptogen and helps remove toxins, radiation poisoning and addresses low oxygenation. When metabolism is increased there is additional oxidative damage. Rhodiola protects from oxidative damage and helps the cell repair. Rhodiola has many attributes as it helps the heart, protects against radiation, enhances the chemotherapy effect for cancer, protects bone marrow and liver and gives more energy.

It is important to get a high quality Rhodiola that is harvested properly and extracted properly. Sources include the Swedish Herbal Institute’s Ameriden International , Kare-N- herbs and Rhodiola and Schisandra from Mediherb. She recommends starting with Rhodiola alone and then consider adding Adapt 232, the supplement from the Swedish Herbal Institute used in the Russian research.

Two other related supplements from Ameriden International were discussed. The first is Clear Mind which is Rhodiola and a blueberry extract. The second is EZ Energy which is composed of many adaptogens and Rhodiola.

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