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In an effort to seek out ways to address disease with proper nutrition, FAIM attends relevant conferences and does extensive site visits to clinics which emphasize this healing initiative. 

What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

Dr. Josh Axe describes what a ketogenic diet is, what is is not, and how it can work when nothing else does. He states that "medical studies are now proving that the ketogenic diet can help you lose weight, boost brain health, fight neurological disease, balance hormones, and do a whole lot more."

A Beginner's Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is slowly gaining traction as an effective method of helping promote weight management, reducing inflammation and even reducing your risk of cancer. This guide will help you get started on the basics, and what type best fits your lifestyle.

Nutrition is Just One Part of Your Best Health

It is important to eat in a way that resonates with your body, but equally vital to have purpose, joy, and a sense of involvement in your life.

Dr Mark Hyman's Detox Smoothie

What do you have for breakfast if you get rid of pancakes, toast and, cereal? Learn about a great shake packed with protein and nutrients. An easy and great way to start your morning.

Why Coconut Oil Really Is Healthy, Despite the American Heart Association's Views

Recent articles have spawned from an article by the American Heart Association questioning the safety of coconut oil. The original AHA article restated AHA’s longstanding position against the use of saturated fats. Learn the truth about coconut oil specifically from the real experts.

GAPS Nutritional Program: How a Physician Cured Her Son's Autism

Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride who presents a fascinating and elegant description of the foundational conditions that contribute to autism, along with a pragmatic approach to help circumvent and stem the autism epidemic, which has been a perplexing puzzle for most of us.

Can Foods Really Prevent and Treat Cancer?

For years, you’ve probably heard about one food after another that can prevent or treat cancer. But do foods really have the ability to fight cancer? After all, we’ve all heard stories of people with cancer who radically changed their diet, but still died from the disease. It’s good to...

How to End Constipation Without Laxatives

One issue that tends to plague women as they age isn’t fun to talk about. But resolving the issue can have significant benefits for your quality of life – and is often easier to do than you might think.

This issue is chronic constipation. It’s often a problem for women...

Finding Trigger Foods, The Right Amount of Fat and My Top Superfoods

Dr. Hyman answers questions about food sensitivities, eating fat, and powerful foods that support good nutrition.

The Eat Fat, Get Thin Cookbook

We can no longer afford to be a fat-phobic society says renowned physician, health advocate, and author Mark Hyman, MD, author of Eat Fat, Get Thin. Now, with The Eat Fat, Get Thin Cookbook, Dr. Hyman puts science into action with more than 175 mouthwatering recipes featuring nuts, coconut oil, avocados, and other superfoods to help you incorporate these good fats into your diet and continue on your path to wellness.

The Perils of Polypharmacy

Polypharmacy is a serious and increasingly common problem that makes patients sitting ducks for adverse side effects and dangerous drug interactions, raises risk of hospitalization and death, and drives up health care costs.

Put Your Heart in Your Mouth

Heart disease and other manifestations of atherosclerosis show no signs of declining. All the efforts of our medicine, our governments, our pharmaceutical industry and our food industry are not making any difference whatsoever. The “War on Heart Disease” that they declared decades ago is being lost. Read this book to find out what we are doing wrong and how you can prevent heart disease.

Foods That Help Fight Alzheimer's

Major risk factors for Alzheimer’s include genetics, heart health, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, depression, diabetes and obesity. Eating a whole food, unprocessed diet also appears to reduce dementia risk. Supplements, exercise, meditation, and social activity can also help.

Heal Yourself with Food

Dietary modifications can help maintain the right pH within the body’s various systems, so the foods you eat have to include the ones that support organs that work so hard to maintain pH values within their optimal ranges.

Eat Fat, Get Thin

In his new book, Eat Fat, Get Thin, Mark Hyman, MD debunks the biggest myths about fat – starting with the myth that dietary fat makes us fat and sick. This book is going to change the way you eat and change the way you feel.

The Forbidden Fat You Should Be Eating

Dietary fats are greatly misunderstood. Most people don’t know which are healthful and which are harmful. Of all the fats, saturated fats may be among the most misunderstood of all. They’re found in red and processed meats, dairy, and eggs. Find out why they are essential and actually good for you.

Why Gluten Sensitivity May Not Be an Allergy to Wheat

People are avoiding gluten more and more, as they realize that they're sensitive to these wheat products. But it may not be the gluten that's bothering you at all. Unfortunately, the truth is much more toxic. When you eat non-organic wheat products, you're not just having a sandwich. You're also consuming the herbicide Roundup (glyphosate).

Fields of Athenry Farm Bone Broth

Fields of Athenry Farm offers nutritious whole food bone broth.

Detox Summit Audio Interviews

Dr. Minich is sharing three audio presentations on Movement and Health with Donovan Green, Emotions with Hugo Cory, and Toxic Food with Benjamin Brown. See how these audios can make you rethink moving your body, thinking positively, and eating right.

Find Real Food Mobile App

The "Find Real Food: The WAPF Shopping Guide for the Highest Quality Foods Available" helps you find WAPF approved foods, and rates them as "Best" or "Good" based on their nutrient density, and lack of additives and processing.

Is Raw Milk Safe for Babies?

The biggest concern parents have about making homemade formula is that it is based on raw milk which, according to medical orthodoxy, is a source of contamination and disease. The only possible way to protect our children, they say, is to be sure the milk is pasteurized. Sally Fallon Morell offers another perspective.

More About Raw Milk

We have been taught that pasteurization is a good thing, a method of protecting ourselves against infectious diseases, but closer examination reveals that its merits have been highly exaggerated. If you can find a farmer who will sell you raw milk from old fashioned Jersey or Guernsey cows, allowed to feed on fresh pasturage, then by all means avail yourself of this source.

The 10 Day Detox Diet

The secret of The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet is this: we simply swap out processed foods, sugar, flour, and inflammatory foods and add delicious, whole, fresh, real, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying food, and the body does the rest.

The Great Cholesterol Myth Cookbook

The Great Cholesterol Myth Cookbook provides a detailed, yet easy-to-understand explanation of what it really means to eat for heart health. Authors Stephen Sinatra, MD, Jonny Bowden, PhD, and Deirdre Rawlings, ND, PhD provide a robust, detailed meal plan and roadmap to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine: Relevance for Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations

Personalized lifestyle medicine is a newly developed term that refers to an approach to medicine in which an individual's health metrics from point-of-care diagnostics are used to develop lifestyle medicine-oriented therapeutic strategies for improving individual health outcomes in managing chronic disease.

Colostrum: Nature's Perfect Food for Infants and Adults

Colostrum, the pre-milk substance that emerges from the mother's breast following the birth of a newborn, is nature's perfect first food. It is a mixture of immune and growth factors as well as important nutrients, all designed to activate newborn's immune system. Numerous studies show that colostrum and its components continue to exert important biological activities also when given to adults.

Confession of a Food Addict

Are you addicted to sugar and carbs? Read about this expert's own addiction and how you can recover from yours.

Bone Broth: One of Your Most Healing Diet Staples

First and foremost, homemade bone broth is excellent for speeding healing and recuperation from illness. You've undoubtedly heard the old adage that chicken soup will help cure a cold, and there's scientific support for such a statement.

ABCs of GMOs

The ABCs of GMOs is a great start towards understanding genetic modification. For decades, agribusiness has heralded advances that later were found to be poisoning the masses. It may have started with Rachel Carson's exposure of the dangers of DDT in Silent Spring. From there, we have an unending list of chemical additives that the population has been subjected to, without any meaningful testing. Yet, the arrogance of mankind continues as we tinker with the genetic code. Together, it amounts to the American public being unknowing participants in the largest uncontrolled science experiment ever conducted.

How Healthy is Your Food?

In the last year, the news media devoted much attention to the subject of GMO foods. As more research reveals the potential negative side effects associated with the consumption of Genetically Modified foods, we agree with those who advocate for people to have the right to know what they are eating.

General Diet Recommendations for Optimal Health

Dr. Isaac Eliaz has been practicing integrative medicine with a focus on cancer and chronic illness for 25 years. Today, Dr. Eliaz is the medical director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Sebastopol, CA, where integrative health practitioners work with patients to treat cancer and other chronic illness. Designing individualized, synergistic healing protocols that draw from multiple medical systems including Western allopathic, Traditional Chinese, and a wide range of holistic therapies, allows for the treatment of the whole person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit, rather than just addressing the symptoms of the disease. Nutrition plays an important role in his therapies.

Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods for Energy and Immunity

Most medications for pain and inflammation can be avoided by simply eating superfoods, herbs, exercising and developing a positive mindset on a daily basis.

Wise Traditions Conference, San Francisco, California

The Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit tax-exempt charity founded in 1999 to disseminate the research of nutrition pioneer Weston A. Price, DDS, provided the Wise Traditions conference.

Folate vs. Folic Acid

Discover the stunning truth behind this essential "vitamin" – and the simple switch that's much, much better for you.

Dispelling the Big Fat Myths: Part 1

There are many misconceptions about dietary fats and oils. This is unfortunate because fats are absolutely essential to maintain optimal health. Learn the importance of fats and which ones to avoid.

Dispelling the Big Fat Myths: Part 2

There are many misconceptions about dietary fats and oils. This is unfortunate because fats are absolutely essential to maintain optimal health. Learn which fats are good for you.

Weighing In on Wheat

An interview with doctor and author William Davis who shares insight into modern wheat woes from a human health perspective.

How to Grow a Healthy Baby with a Healthy Brain

By choosing a healthy well-balanced diet before you become pregnant, while you are pregnant, and while breastfeeding, you will greatly improve the chances of growing a healthy baby with a healthy brain.

Coconut Oil Dietary Guidelines and Suggestions

Ever wonder how to incorporate coconut oil into your diet? How much would be necessary to get the health giving effects? Is it safe for children? Learn more about these and other topics concerning coconut oil in the diet.

What's Cooking? Nutritional Series

Heart MD Institute has launched a cooking video series with Dr. Sinatra and his son, Step, preparing heart-healthy organic meals.

Nutritional Supplements for Individuals with HIV/AIDS

Millions of individuals worldwide continue to be newly infected with HIV every year. Nutritional supplements may prove to be a safe, effective, inexpensive, and easily accessible adjunct to standard care.

The GAPS Diet: Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Ever wondered how those nervous thoughts send the butterflies swooping through your stomach? Natasha Campbell-McBride explains how your brain and digestive track are linked together in her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment Of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression And Schizophrenia. This article presents a summary of her recent presentation for the Weston A. Price Foundation conference. Learn about some simple things you can do to improve your own brain/gut health.

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Dr. Cousens' independent documentary film Simply Raw is about reversing diabetes in 30 days and chronicles six Americans with "incurable" diabetes switching their diet and getting off insulin.

Live with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

While at the Integrative Medicine Symposium in Miami, FL in April 2010, Dr. Cousens hosted a special event that gave an experience of his teachings and an opportunity to ask him questions. Marcela Benson, a Tree of Life food-preparation teacher, prepares a delicious organic, vegan, live-food and low glycemic banquet using Dr. Gabriel Cousens' nutritional methods.

The Hilu Institute

Dr. Hilu's clinic states that the trauma of fighting cancer can be very discouraging and one needs to treat the person as a whole as “the body is not separate from the mind and the heart.” Dr. Hilu uses a variety of energy medicine devices in his protocols.

Introduction to the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation is a public, nonprofit educational organization, providing information about whole foods and proper preparation techniques, soil improvement, natural farming and pure water, preventing disease and birth defects, avoiding personality disturbances and delinquency, enhancing the environment, and enabling all people to achieve long life and excellent health.

Bio Center Reckeweg

Dr. Augusto Pazán is the director of the Bio Center Reckewig in Ecuador. It is a small multiple physician clinic of natural and non-toxic therapies.

The Bioecology of Cancer

Jack O. Taylor, MS, DC, DACBN, has developed a program for nutritional support to prevent disease and address and reverse degeneratie diseases including cancer. An individualized Nutritional Assessment & Chemical Analysis is performed for each patient to determine an appropriate program.

Health and Nutrition Conference, Chicago,Illinois

Nutrition and Health: State of the Science and Clinical Applications was the premier nutrition conference for health professionals in the United States. It was co-presented by Dr. Andrew Weil and the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. The conference assembled internationally-recognized researchers, clinicians, educators, and chefs, all of whose work focuses on the interface between nutrition and healthful living.

Pablo Opazo: Fatty Acids and the Brain

Chilean agronomist Pablo Opazo, who has lived more than a decade of extremely challenging tribulations related to the health of his children, has accumulated a considerable amount of specific health related knowledge. Of particular concern to Pablo Opazo is the use of methylphenidate (well known by its brand name Ritalin) to treat children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Opazo uses fatty acids to treat the brain.

Paracelsus Clinic, Lustmuhle, Switzerland

The clinic proposes a medical paradigm based on non-toxic biological medicine that, not only identifies, but also eliminates the root causes of acute and chronic diseases including cancer.

Alfred Vogel Museum and Organic Show Garden, Switzerland

Dr. Vogel was a renowned Swiss nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath. In the pursuit of helping people, he passionately practiced phytotherapy until he passed away in 1996 at the age of 94.

Viva Modern Mayr Medicine, Maria Worth, Austria

Modern Mayr Medicine therapy at the clinic is based on the F. X. Mayr, M.D. (1875-1965) therapy for a healthy person. Dr. Mayr's work was about the link between digestion, intestinal health and overall health. According to Dr. Mayr, "The intestines are to man what the roots are to the plant. Only when these roots are kept in an optimal condition of nourishment and cleanliness, can the plant (man) itself thrive and remain healthy."

Back to School for Doctors Conference

Back to School for Doctors is built upon the nutritional philosophy of Dr. Royal Lee who provided insight into improving the digestion, absorption of nutrients and prevention of cancer in the human GI tract that was ahead of his time.

Natural Food Fair, Boston, MA

Physicians and medical scientists are the tip of the iceberg of a myriad of people wholeheartedly working to help improve the health and livelihood of society. To these we include the entrepreneurs of the natural health products that are constantly trying to be ahead of the curve searching for the next great idea.

Fourfold Path to Healing, Raleigh, North Carolina

At a time in history when strongly held nutritional beliefs are beginning to be questioned, information shared at the Fourfold Path to Healing Conference shed new light on healthy living, eating and movement.