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Zen Honeycutt at rally

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Zen Honeycutt at California State Grange Rally on California Capitol Steps, Jan. 6 2014

It was Thanksgiving at Nana’s, we were surrounded by jovial family members eating platefuls of colorful food. My five year old son went from happily chatting with his cousin next to him while he ate to suddenly sad and sullen. His eyes looked at me beseechingly. I asked him what was wrong and he said he felt sick. I thought he might be getting the flu so I instructed him to go lie down in the back kid’s guest room. A few minutes later he cried out and his father and I ran to him. He was covered in red raspberry like bumps from the chest down. His eyes were puffy and he was listless. I dashed for the Epi Pen and my husband bravely jammed it into my son’s leg. My son screamed and we waited a moment for the medication to set in. The pen seemed stuck to my husband, who was disturbed from having to stick him with a needle, so I grabbed it and pulled it out. A spurt of blood shot across the room. I cried as loud as he did. Then we were moving to the car together, my husband carrying my son with me pressing on his wound. In the chaos, someone admitted there were pecans in the stuffing.

Food almost killed my son that day.

Food should not be killing children, or hurting them, or even concerning them.

The food our farmers grow for us is intended to feed, nourish and grow our children. Farmers spend their lifetime caring for the earth to grow nutritious safe food to sustain our nation. They devote every waking hour of their lives planning, working and maintaining farmland to give life, not take it.

Yet more and more of our children are dying and getting chronically ill from food. More and more GMOs are being developed and grown. And more and more toxic chemicals are being sprayed on our food supply.

Once upon a time, all food was organic. Then, a war ended and the chemical companies that supplied toxic chemicals to the military no longer had a market. They declared war on bugs and weeds. “Let’s make farming EASIER for the farmers,” they said. “Let’s give them chemicals to spray on the land, the seeds, and the food crops.”

They didn’t say “Let’s make the food more nutritious, or safer.” They didn’t test the combination of chemicals on human blood cells. They tested the “active chemical ingredients” only with short term tests run by the chemical companies who profit from the sale of the same chemicals. They claimed that testing these chemicals on humans was unethical.

If it is unethical to test pesticides on humans, than it is unethical to allow them in humans via our food.


With many committed moms and supporters, I founded Moms Across America, a national coalition of Unstoppable Moms, sponsored by the CA State Grange in Feb of 2013. We have had over 310 leaders cause over 450 events in the past 18 months. We formed to raise awareness about GMOs. As we grew, we learned that our children were getting better when they got off GMOs. Then we learned it is not just the GMOs, it is the pesticides and herbicides that GMOs are genetically engineered to be or to withstand, that are also connected to harming our children.

Specifically, glyphosate in Roundup and 2,000 other farming products, is an antibiotic (kills gut bacteria and weakens the immune system), is an endocrine disruptor (birth defects, infertility, sterility, failure to thrive, and loss of young) and a chelator (makes vital nutrients and minerals unavailable. Cancer patients consistently are mineral deficient). Farmer Howard Vlieger says that “One day we will look back and see that glyphosate makes DDT look like mouth wash.”

Moms all across America report that their children get better when they get off GMOs. Autism, allergies, asthma and auto immune issues dramatically improve or disappear when they eat organic.

This message is urgent for you to hear and share with others. At the rate we are going, 20 years from now, 1 out of 2 of our children will be diagnosed on the spectrum with Autism. What would that be like for our families, communities, military and economy? It would be disaster for the fabric of our society to have 50% of our children compromised. We must turn this around, and we are.

Moms Across America is connecting with other organizations and expanding to Moms Across the World. The moms who buy 85% of the food in America are standing for China, who buys 50% of the world’s supply of GMOs and produce/export the largest amount of glyphosate, to be world leaders and stop buying and selling GMOs/glyphosate. On our web site we have letters to the UK and China at Moms Across the World. We are educating doctors, nurses, neighbors, friends, and teachers by sharing our Mom’s Testimonial flyers at Independence day parades. One parade, 3 people deep for 3 miles means 49,000 people see our message and get curious about GMOs. We invite you to join us, in parades, in hosting a GMO movie night, in having an MAA Empowered Speaker speak at your Moms club. We invite you to host a Moms Across America Meetup May 2, 2015 to Celebrate, Support and Inspire Action with Moms to have GMO and Toxin free Communities. Go to Moms Across America to host an event and get involved.

We request that health care providers have their patients urine tested for glyphosate levels, especially patients with autism, cancer, leaky gut, IBS, Crohn’s, and alzheimers. You can find the link to a discounted rate at a lab on the Moms Across America Action page.

We invite you to step outside your comfort zone and be empowered to be a leader for health in your community. We need health care providers who stand up for our children's health. Because it is not enough that just my family or your family eats organic. Our children’s future spouses are out there somewhere and they are eating GMOs. We now know that the third generation of rats that ate GMOs were sterile. We also know that we want our children and grandchildren to be able to experience the profound love that it is to create and have their own healthy baby someday if they wish. To achieve this, we moms must stop buying GMOs and farmers must stop growing them. We have faith in our farmers that they will continue to be ingenious and can farm as has been done for thousands of years... without toxic chemicals. We are creating a future of health and freedom. Join us. These are our children. This is our country. The future belongs to us.

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