Joan Parisi Wilcox

"The Brave New World of Alternative Medicine" by Joan Parsi Wilcox, was published in Quantum Health magazine (Issue 13). It is reprinted by permission, all rights reserved, © 2011. Quantum Health. Quantum Health is an online-only, interactive magazine that features global coverage of the emerging field of energetic medicine. For a free subscription, go to

Articles by Joan Parisi Wilcox

The Brave New World of Alternative Medicine

Joan Parsi Wilcox interviews Ferdinando Pisani Massamormile, International Research Consultant with FAIM, for Quantum Health magazine. "Basically, what Berkley [founder of FAIM] wants us to do is to look outside the box. Many people who are working in the mainstream and investigating alternative medicine do so by using the typical one-at-a-time steps of trying to broaden the field of science. Whereas what we try to do is investigate..." says Massamormile.