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Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr, FSHom, PhD

Jeremy Sherr is a world-renowned homeopath and educator who is putting his gifts at the service of humanity by helping fight AIDS in Africa. Mr. Sherr is the founder of Homoeopathy for Health in Africa and The Dynamis School which offers training in advanced homeopathy to practitioners from all over the world. This Israeli physician is applying classic homeopathic theory to the problem of AIDS in very poor areas of Tanzania. With his knowledge, Mr. Sherr has developed a series of remedies that allege to be effective in treating AIDS; there is a string of anecdotal cases which would corroborate this claim.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, homeopathy was once a system of medicine practiced by medical doctors. Later, it has been marginalized because considered unscientific. However, new theories of how molecules behave at a quantum level have shone light on possible mechanisms of action. Notwithstanding, homeopathy is used by millions of people worldwide, is favored by eminent people like the British Queen, and is an official medical system in many countries (i.e. India). In classical homeopathy a remedy is profiled in provings: it is a description of all the symptoms a substance causes in its undiluted form. The theory goes that, if such a substance is processed homeopathically, which means it will be diluted and dynamized, it will be able to energetically treat the same symptoms that are manifested by the unprocessed substance. The discoverer of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, called it "the law of similars" framed in the Latin phrase similiasimilibuscurentur: "like cures like." He reached this insight when he realized that the bitter Peruvian bark genus Cinchona, used to cure Malaria, also causes Malaria-like symptoms. When looking for a treatment, homeopaths search in their repertoire for a substance whose proving most closely parallels the symptoms suffered by the patient. This is the remarkable ability of homeopaths: matching a substance with their intricate observation of the patient's symptoms. If such a golden match is met, a remedy that threads through all the symptoms of the patient perfectly, then a cure is found. The descriptions of such healing events that occur almost instantly make allopathic doctors spin their heads in disbelief. However, if such occurrences are real, then all arrows would point to an effect that works on energetic principles. This is a most exciting prospect that FAIM is fully committed to pursue.

Mr. Sherr's and his students are passionately involved in creating provings for substances that can thus be added to the homeopathic Materia Medica. With the same impetus, Mr. Sherr looks for remedies that match the symptoms manifested by people suffering with AIDS. He has thus developed a series of remedies that claim to cure the patients suffering with these manifestations.

FAIM is determined to aid Mr. Sherr by helping him find funding for the project in Tanzania. At the same time, FAIM is committed to help him create a methodology to collect data. This would allow him to bring the project to the next level: one in which the data can also be used in a scientific setting.