International Medical University of Natural Education (IMUNE) Conference, Norway


  • Location: Bergen, Norway
  • Presenters: Thomas Aksnes, John Kelsey, Bill Nelson, Dr. James Oschman, Dr. Roderick Lane, Dr. Potekhina, Karl Arfors, Dr. Louie Yu
  • Date: May 4, 2008
  • Web site: IMUNE
  • Attendee: Ferdinando Pisani


International Medical University of Natural Education (IMUNE)

The Science of Self Regulation was the title of the 3rd international seminar by the International Medical University of Natural Education (IMUNE). It is a group of scientists / therapists / entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting a new quantum-field energy based medical paradigm. The conference took place in Bergen, Norway. This small town on the Norwegian Atlantic coast is the home of Thomas Aksnes, chairman of Kvante Medisin, the company sponsoring the conference and marketing a system of technological tools to scan and address imbalances and diseases.

Thomas Aksnes

Thomas Aksnes is a brilliant self-taught young-man whose mission is to educate the public on the new frontiers of energy medicine. What he teaches is the result of many years of studies that were motivated by a search to solve his own health issues as well as his family's. He has developed a clinic concept using the best quantum biomedical devices. His company synergistically puts together different technological tools allowing practitioners to use them in an integrated system of scanning and subsequent protocols to address health problems. Kvante Medisin is a business that allows people to buy this equipment and extensively trains practitioners to operate them. It has succeeded in selling the technological package to over 140 clinics around Norway.

The conference was a set of presentations opened by Aksnes who introduced the scientific concepts behind a new paradigm shift. Over the years, Aksnes has become an accomplished practitioner. Speaking from experience, he sited cases of total sustained functional restoration of his patients. This is accomplished by defining foundational focal disturbances and correlating these with functioning parameters of systems and organs. He emphasized the use of several assessment approaches and then strengthen the self-correcting mechanisms to support the healing process. Often, visible symptomatic areas are where the self-regulating mechanism are actually working. He also stressed the importance of lifestyle changes.

John Kelsey

John Kelsey, Aksnes' business partner in the conference, holds a doctorate in membrane processes. Recently, he became a qualified N.D. and is interested in the field of restoration and maintenance of health. His lecture was a well presented exposition on the new medical paradigm and how this is in harmony with the ancient principles of natural medicine.

William (Bill) Nelson

Bill Nelson is the conceiver of IMUNE and likes to be called professor. Bill Nelson unites his expertise in medicine, quantum physics, mathematics, computer programming, naturopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy in lively and captivating presentations. He is the inventor of the SCIO machine. It is based on a tri-vector system of parameter analysis. The instrument makes an electronic reading of symptoms using three different parameters and builds a mathematical 3D (topographical) representation of physiological processes. Theoretically, once a reading has been established, the electronic signals can be inverted and returned to the subject thus canceling-out the symptoms. To start building a body of evidence and eventually prove the efficacy of the SCIO, Bill Nelson has built a system where practitioners can send back the result of their therapies to a massive data base.

Dr. James L. Oschman

Dr. Oschman’s fascinating lectures were an overview of the cutting-edge scientific knowledge, experiments and the implications for the advancement of energy medicine. The presentations were an outline of his books: Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis; Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance and upcoming book Energy Medicine.

At the conclusion of his presentation, he introduced his latest subject of research: free electrons, that are absorbed from the environment and have an extremely beneficial function to health. The use of rubber soles isolates individuals from accessing continuously renewed free or mobile electrons that are produced by the global atmospheric electron circuit. These electrons work as natural antioxidants of positively charged free radicals that are the hallmark of chronic inflammation. The list of documented benefits from earthing, walking barefooted in the grass, include the reduction of pain, faster healing, more stable psychologic disposition, greater strength and endurance, more energy and no jet lag. Earthing could be one of the most important health actions people can take, with huge repercussions at an aggregate level with the advantage that it is free!

Roderick Lane, N.D

Dr. Lane founded and directed the London College of Naturopathic Medicine, an institution that integrates traditional naturopathy education with leading edge biomedical information. Undoubtedly an expert in many aspects of complementary and alternative medicine, his most remarkable feat is to dig through old and ancient medical books looking for insights on possible simple and modern cures. His lecture included hands-on demonstrations of gentle and respectful bodywork that allows the restoration of self-regulating healing mechanisms. More information is available at

Y.P. Potekhina, Ph.D., M.D.

Dr. Potekhina is a professor in Russia and presented a very formal academic discussion on the medical benefits of an extra high frequency (EHF) medical device, akin to Aksnes' PTD. The lecture, which was dictated in Russian with subsequent English translation, exposed the results of one medical trial after another in a wide variety of diseases. The conclusion was that millimeter waves are safe and allow to: (i) reduce pain and inflammation; (ii) shorten the time of hospital treatments; (iii) rise the efficacy of medication and allow the lowering of dosage; (iv) have a new tool for medical treatment that can also work in prophylaxis.

Karl Arfors

Karl is a worldly Swedish professor of microbiology. His lecture revealed that inflammation is seen as a condition to be treated, but it is actually the prime example of body communication. Cells are dispatched for repair with a complex monitoring and feedback communications system. He introduced research demonstrating that tumors (which are electron stealers) are surrounded by inflammatory tissues which are electron donors. Thus inflammation is a healing process to be supported rather than inhibited. Furthermore, arachidonic acid creates the sophisticated communication base for specialized immune cells using the metabolism of prostaglandins, leukotrienes and thromboxaneas as information carriers. The microcirculation around an inflamed area also changes to support this process. The use of specific foods, vitamins and fatty acids have an important assisting role to the management of inflammation.

Dr. Louie Yu

Dr. Yu is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine as well as a specialist in orthomolecular medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, sports medicine and homeopathy. His lecture centered exclusively on the possibilities of orthomolecular medicine, a term coined by Linus Pauling. He gave an overview of some of the sophisticated modalities that nutraceuticals can be used for to modify the interior biochemical milieu and influence biochemical pathways.