Important Information When the Diagnosis is Cancer


David Getoff

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

There is a great deal of legitimate research and many published studies on holistic or non-traditional cancer treatments. A physician's lack of knowledge in this area will never negate the research or the excellent results shown for some of these treatments. If you look hard enough, you may find that in many cases, non-traditional therapies may yield better results. Knowledge is power.

In order to fight cancer you must:

  • Accept that you have it
  • Understand the diagnosis
  • Understand your prognosis
  • Believe you can fight it
  • Be willing to fight it
  • Have all of the necessary information regarding what to do and what not to do

There are many controversies in the war against cancer. One thing that we do know is that cancer cannot develop and take hold in a body with a sufficiently strong immune system. We all have pre-cancerous cells in our bodies. Every day, the body fights off or destroys those cells which it identifies as harmful. A healthy immune system is able to destroy rogue cells so that they cannot duplicate and grow to form a tumor. Tens of thousands of cancer victims thought that they had led very healthy lives but their cancer proved otherwise. It is now time to become more diligent and aggressive regarding your health and nutritional program in order to boost your body's ability to fight cancer cells.

How long did it take for your cancer to develop? Actually, the entire process began years ago as your immune system became less efficient in doing its job properly. The stresses of our jobs, relationships, and general lifestyles all contribute to the attack on our health. The foods we eat, the chemicals they contain, and their lack of adequate vitamins, minerals, and enzymes add to the assault. Some of the cancer-causing agents with which we deal every day include air and water pollutants, cleaning solvents, pesticides, air fresheners, food additives, refined foods, over consumption of sugars, the wrong fats and oils, and our 20th-century lifestyle.

Cancer is not like mumps or measles where you "catch" it after being exposed to the germ from someone else. Cancer "develops" in your body over time due to a depressed immune system. According to information from some of our national cancer organizations, as much as 80% of all cancers are related to our diet and lifestyle. In other words, we are the cause of most of our cancers. Medical statistics show that most cancers are not curable, so we need to move outside of medicine for help. Also, most are preventable.

How can we work to strengthen the immune system to help the body fight cancer? First of all, there must be full disclosure and full awareness. If we are to succeed, it is necessary that you understand your odds and the statistics. Fighting cancer is very difficult and takes a great deal of commitment. This kind of commitment cannot come from someone unless they realize and accept the true terminal nature of their illness. Once you understand that the experts have given you only a few months or a couple of years to live, it will become far easier to make radical changes in your life. Since nutritional products and my fees are not covered by insurance, money may become a problem. This is yet another reason why full awareness is so important. For a person who believes that they are healthy, spending $2,000-$4,000 on nutritional products, and completely changing their eating habits, sounds very extreme. If, however, your oncologist has just given you under 18 months to live, you need every bit of nutritional ammunition you can get. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of any products which are not harmful and might extend your life, reduce your pain, or possibly even help your body to heal itself. As a comparison, if a pharmaceutical company developed a $20,000 pill which could cure cancer, patients would be breaking down their doctor's doors to purchase it.

So where does all of this leave us? First, I require that my clients be told by their oncologist exactly what the odds are for their type of cancer. Next, you must insist that the oncologist give you reprints of two or more studies which show that the treatment they are recommending has ever been shown to be better than no treatment at all. I will review these studies with you so that you understand them. There is a book and a video on cancer that I will lend you to view and to read. We will go over all of the diet and nutritional information that has been shown to help your body fight cancer, and I will answer all of your questions. I am not saying that you must do everything which we discuss in order to increase your chances. I am clearly saying that if you only choose 25-30% of the things which we will discuss, you might not want to bother wasting your time and money. When a house is falling apart from the inside, a few new doors and windows will not prevent it from tumbling down.

Always remember that only your body has the ability to heal itself. My job is to educate you. With the necessary knowledge, you can strengthen your body and empower it to more effectively fight the cancer. You have a long and difficult task ahead. If you can make the commitment to stick to the program diligently, the rewards may change your life.

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