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Imerman Angels is a not-for-profit organization that connects a person fighting cancer today (cancer fighter) with someone who has beaten the same type of cancer (cancer survivor). The one-on-one relationship provides the cancer fighter the opportunity to ask personal questions and receive encouragement from someone who is uniquely familiar with the situation, and it allows the cancer survivor the opportunity to personally help a fighter as he or she battles the disease.

Imerman Angels also connects "caregivers." A caregiver is a friend or family member who is supporting a cancer fighter. Similar to fighters and survivors, caregivers wish to be paired up with another caregiver who relates to and understands their situation.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Imerman Angels helps cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers regardless of their geographical location – throughout the United States and around the world. All of the services that Imerman Angels provides are 100% free. Whether you are a cancer fighter, survivor or caregiver, Imerman Angels does not turn anyone away.


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One-on-one relationships give a fighter the chance to ask personal questions and get support from someone who is uniquely familiar with their experience.

Pair Up Process

The pair up process begins when Imerman Angels meets a cancer fighter in need. Once the initial contact is made, an Imerman Angels representative speaks to each cancer fighter, either by phone or in person. The representative, who is a survivor himself / herself, then searches the database for a survivor most like the fighter based on factors such as cancer type, treatments, age, gender and geographic location. The cancer fighter and survivor are then introduced.

The relationship is then in the hands of the fighter-survivor pair; Imerman Angels is always available to offer further advice, information and guidance.


Jonny Imerman is the founder of Imerman Angels. He is a survivor of testicular cancer. During his own chemotherapy, he noticed how many people fought cancer without family, friends, and other forms of support.

He created Imerman Angels so that no one would have to fight cancer alone. The cancer survivor would be an angel – walking, living proof that the fighter could win too. What an amazing connection.

Contact Imerman Angels

If you, or anyone you know, have been touched by cancer, please contact Imerman Angels. In addition, we welcome your questions, feedback and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

Imerman Angels: One-on-One Cancer Support: Connecting Cancer Fighters, Survivors and Caregivers

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