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Heart MD Institute is a free online educational resource about integrative medicine. Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a board certified cardiologist, certified nutrition specialist, certified bioenergetic psychotherapist and anti-aging specialist, founded Heart MD Institute to promote a medicinal model based on integrative strategies and inspire the "inner healers" within everyone.

Motto: Prevention is Easier than Cure

With the understanding that knowledge empowers, our mission at Heart MD Institute is to educate the public and medical professionals alike about integrative medicine, with a special emphasis on metabolic cardiology. Integrative medicine tailors the best of traditional acute/life-saving interventions and alternative measures to suit individual patients' needs. Metabolic cardiology involves the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease at the cellular level through biochemical interventions that are native to the human body. Heart MD Institute envisions a restructuring of the traditional relationship between doctors and patients, where both actively partner in the patient's healing process.

Prevention Necessitates Awareness

Through videos and written articles at heartmdinstitute.com, Dr. Sinatra presents exciting information about a wide variety of health topics. Within the "Heart-Healthy Lifestyles" section, Dr. Sinatra and contributing editors detail how a healthy diet, supplementation, stress reduction / mind-body medicine, exercise and detoxification, and cultivation of emotional well being can help patients take better control of their health. Alternative healing solutions presented include various energy, or vibrational, therapies, as well as some Eastern medicinal techniques.

Viewers can also explore topics of interest related to the cardiovascular, immune, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and musculoskeletal systems, as well as medical issues specific to either men or women, in the "Health Concerns" section. In addition to articles about blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, Heart MD Institute also features information about cancer, the aging brain, dental health, and arthritis in this section. Dr. Sinatra also elucidates general themes like energy production, inflammation and prescription drug independence throughout the site, in addition to providing insight about the latest news and breakthroughs in medicine.

Heart MD Institute Community

To expand its knowledge base, Heart MD Institute features articles written by contributing editors, medical professionals with medicinal philosophies similar to Dr. Sinatra's. Heart MD Institute also provides resource links as well as an interactive forum through which site viewers may discuss integrative medicine.