Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth

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Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth by Tommy Rosa and Stephen Sinatra, MD

In 1999, Bronx-born plumber, Tommy Rosa, was hit by a car and clinically dead for several minutes. Right after he was hit, he felt a tug whisking him off into a tunnel of light. He was rushed to the hospital and resuscitated, but left in a coma for weeks. During this time, Tommy found himself in Heaven, where he met a spiritual Teacher and learned fundamentals about health and healing. Tommy emerged from the coma, not only grateful to be alive, but with a newfound sense of intuition and connection to Heaven and Earth.

Around the same time as Tommy’s accident, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, an integrative cardiologist, was dismantling the prevailing ideas of preventive pharmacology with his holistic approach to treatment. During their first encounter, Tommy got the intuitive message that Dr. Sinatra had an infection in his hip. Tommy's insight confirmed Dr. Sinatra's own similar thoughts of infection, and he was later diagnosed with a staph infection. When Tommy shared with Dr. Sinatra the divine revelations of healing that he had learned, Dr. Sinatra was shocked – the keys to solving the imbalance of energy that he had identified as the cause of most chronic illness were the same as those Tommy was relating. Until this point, Dr. Sinatra hadn’t thought about how they were all connected and now it all made sense.

In Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth (Rodale Books; ISBN: 978-1-62336-625-4; November 2015; $24.99; 272 pages), Tommy Rosa and Dr. Stephen Sinatra present a prescriptive guide to healthy living, revealing the eight health revelations to live your best healthiest life. The eight Revelations – gleaned from Tommy’s experience in Heaven, and fully corroborated by Dr. Sinatra's four decades of medical expertise and other scientific evidence – will lead readers toward revitalized health, a newfound sense of purpose, and spiritual balance.

Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth provides a code for how to live life well, and live with a deeper connection to a higher force. Rosa and Sinatra teach readers that everything they need to live life to the fullest is right at their fingertips, they just need to connect with it. From what food to eat to simple daily practices, Rosa and Sinatra outline easy changes everyone can make.

From this intersection of the divine and the scientific, these revelations will help anyone lead a healthier life and bring Heaven (and Earth) a little bit closer.

Health Revelations From Heaven and Earth

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About the Author

Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a board-certified cardiologist and certified bioenergetic analyst with more than 30 years of experience in helping patients prevent and reverse heart disease.

He founded the New England Heart Center in 1987 and became a well-known advocate of combining conventional medical treatments for heart disease with complementaryRead more

Tommy Rosa

Tommy Rosa is a spiritual counselor who helps people conquer their fear of death. He is also the founder of the Unicorn Foundation in Stuart, Florida, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to educational endeavors and community outreach projects.Read more