GMOs: Genetically Modified Foods


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Agribusiness concerns are inventing new life forms at an accelerating pace without enough safety studies. Learn what you need to know before your next trip to the grocery store.

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods

Why are thousands of physicians advising patients to avoid eating GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and how did these high-risk foods get onto the market in the first place? The answers are disturbing, even shocking, but may help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Moms Across America educating the world about GMOs and dangerous chemicals on our food

Once upon a time, all food was organic. Then a war ended and the chemical companies that supplied toxic chemicals to the military no longer had a market. They declared war on bugs and weeds. “Let’s make farming EASIER for the farmers,” they said. “Let’s give them chemicals to spray on the land, the seeds, and the food crops.” They didn’t say “Let’s make the food more nutritious, or safer.” They didn’t test the combination of chemicals on human blood cells. They claimed that testing these chemicals on humans was unethical.

Is GMO Worse Than Nuclear Radiation?

GMO is DNA inserted into living organisms. It does not decay over time but rather the opposite. In Europe GMO is scarce, but there is evidence that the USA has conspired to punish Europe for its stand on GMO. Read more to see what you can do to protect your family.

Dirtier than the Dirty Dozen: What Parents Need to Know about GMO

There is a category of toxic foods that has been creeping into our food supply since the mid 1990s. The safety of these foods has never been proven. Two of the most prevalent genetically modified foods are soy and corn.

ABCs of GMOs

The ABCs of GMOs is a great start towards understanding genetic modification. For decades, agribusiness has heralded advances that later were found to be poisoning the masses. It may have started with Rachel Carson's exposure of the dangers of DDT in Silent Spring. From there, we have an unending list of chemical additives that the population has been subjected to, without any meaningful testing. Yet, the arrogance of mankind continues as we tinker with the genetic code. Together, it amounts to the American public being unknowing participants in the largest uncontrolled science experiment ever conducted.

How Healthy is Your Food?

In the last year, the news media devoted much attention to the subject of GMO foods. As more research reveals the potential negative side effects associated with the consumption of Genetically Modified foods, we agree with those who advocate for people to have the right to know what they are eating.

General Diet Recommendations for Optimal Health

Dr. Isaac Eliaz has been practicing integrative medicine with a focus on cancer and chronic illness for 25 years. Today, Dr. Eliaz is the medical director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Sebastopol, CA, where integrative health practitioners work with patients to treat cancer and other chronic illness. Designing individualized, synergistic healing protocols that draw from multiple medical systems including Western allopathic, Traditional Chinese, and a wide range of holistic therapies, allows for the treatment of the whole person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit, rather than just addressing the symptoms of the disease. Nutrition plays an important role in his therapies.

Wise Traditions Conference, San Francisco, California

The Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit tax-exempt charity founded in 1999 to disseminate the research of nutrition pioneer Weston A. Price, DDS, provided the Wise Traditions conference.

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

Evidence points to genetically engineered foods as a major contributor to rising disease rates in the US population, especially among children. Whatever your opinion about genetically modified foods, this movie is a must see for anyone who eats. It serves as a wake up call, informing consumers of important scientific findings and urging us all to take an active role in defending our food supply and, ultimately, our own health.